Logistic Growth Model in Human Birth Rate

My topic is the logistic growth model in human birth rate. I will discuss how the logistic equation, which is a mathematical model of population growth, can be used to forecast the human birth rate concerning available resources.Most of the world’s resources are nonrenewable. While this is a widely accepted fact, the 21stcentury presents unique challenges in terms of balancing demand for resources such as water, fish, and land with sustainability requirements. Seo (18) states that the effects of climate change have only made the situation worse, especially as rainfall patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable, water sources are becoming depleted, forest cover is declining, the acreage of arable land is shrinking, and fish populations are dwindling. While all this is happening, the global community continues to grow, raising serious questions about the planet’s ability to support itself.

Is there a way that the correlation between human birth rate and resource utilization can be analyzed, predicted, and modeled to enable better population planning? At what point can available resources become inc

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