Lost in Translation Book

Lost in Translation Book


Lost translation mainly focuses on those words that do not have direct English translations. Most of these phrases have humorous definitions. Research also indicates that some of the words originate from Brazil, Portugal and Italian origin. This is the reason why they cannot be translated since they do not have close association with English. Also, the words contained in the dictionary are also different from those contained in other languages. English can only adopt those words if they are needed. Therefore, people who come from non-English speaking countries can find better ways to express themselves. In my opinion, a translator is needed while using such words since they are not available in the dictionary. Some of these languages also lack their own dictionaries which makes it difficult to translate some of these words. Therefore, those who use them find it difficult to change these phrases to English.

Additionally, the words that need to be translated have a close association with the cultures where they originate from. Lack of a clear understanding of their traditions can result to erroneous interpretation of these words. Therefore, there is a need for social interaction to understand some of the meanings of these words. Therefore, the translation process should involve people from non-speaking countries and those that speak the language. This can assist in finding the meaning of the fifty phrases that lack the English translation. Moreover, translators must understand a variety of languages before trying to find the meanings of different phrases. Finally, efforts should be made to ensure that these words are translated in future to make the communication process easier.

From the reading, I have understood that language is essential for communication purposes. It might be difficult to converse and comprehend what other individuals are saying. Also, individuals should not be restricted to only a single language. One must understand various dialects to make it easier to translate diverse dialects. In this case, schools should teach learners at least one foreign language in school. This can assist in eliminating the problem of language barrier when it comes to the issue of conversion. Finally, I have also noticed that language forms an important aspect in our lives. This is because everything we do in life requires an understanding of language.

One can use language to express opinions and feelings. It will be easier for somebody to know if someone is happy or sad depending on the language used to convey such a message. For instance, if someone uses phrases like excellent or excellent, this might show that someone is happy with your actions. Therefore, understanding the mood of individuals is vital in as it will assist in dealing with people who have diverse characters. Thus, language is essential in life as it determines how individuals interact with each other.

People can also use language for oral and written communication. In this case, individuals can express their ideas through the use of spoken words or by writing what they want on paper. Additionally, language plays a crucial role in social interaction. For example, it can be used in business and to attract a member of the opposite sex to love his or her potential partner. Many people use language for several purposes depending on the situation at hand. Therefore, the study of language should be a compulsory subject in school.

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