LSO 312 Terminology Quiz

  1. What is the gutter?

The gutter is the space between panels in a comic. They pass information between panels invisibly. The reader generates their meaning or conclusion between panels.

  1. What is the frame?

The frame is the boundary of the panel.

  1. What is a panel?

A panel is a border that is enclosed by the border or a frame which is the boundary. A panel is a structural requirement and an icon of comics (McCloud). The reading duration is dependent on the way the layout of the panel is structured on the page.

  1. What is closure?

In comic closure is the ability of the brain to fill gaps after observing. This helps the reader to relate two actions that seem unrelated and find meaning in the two. Through frame and gutter, one can transition into closure (McCloud).

  1. By which means can sound be presented within a panel.

In comic sound is presented within a panel to overcome the inherent hurdle (Wong). This is achieved through word balloons or speech bubbles which are applied to denote the speaker. The shape used helps in portraying different auditory effects.

  1. What is unusual about the word balloon?

The word balloons can sometimes confuse the reader if they are complicated in their structure (“Word Balloon”). The word balloon may sometimes fail to achieve the purpose of conveying auditory effects.

  1. Define the Subject to Subject panel transition.

Subject to a subject refers to a change of subjects in a single scene. In such an incidence there is a change of actors within one scene or idea. This type of transition requires the reader to participate in understanding the ideas presented.

  1. Which panel transition would be the most effective for slowing down time? Why?

When one needs to slow down time scene to scene transition is the most appropriate. In this type of transition, there are flashbacks and flash-forwards, and the distant is very useful (McCloud).

  1. What is an icon?

An icon is an image or a visual that represents an idea, a person, place or time. There are four categories of icon namely, languages, pictures, symbol and cartoons (McCloud).

  1. Identify and define one type or kind of icon.

Cartoons are drawings that show the characteristics of a particular subject in a manner that is exaggerated to create humor.



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