Macbeth is a brave soldier. He gets the title, the Thane of Cawdor after winning a major battle. He succeeds in committing crimes because of opportunistic prophesies and influence of Lady Macbeth. Other people view Macbeth as a loyal, tireless, courageous and vicious leader who fights without giving up. Macbeth’s courage makes him not to surrender in a battle. Because of his bravery in the war, King Duncan praises Macbeth and calls him the worthiest cousin. According to the king, Macbeth is an asset to the country. He is a person you can trust to deliver what you want.

Macbeth has a demanding attitude towards the three witches. He encounters them for the first time, and his attitude is of shock and surprise. Besides, he perceives the witches as weird creatures. Macbeth tries to take charge by telling the witches to speak if they can. For instance, he asks the witches to identify themselves.

Macbeth is an ambitious person. The witches’ prophecy drives his ambition making him believe that he will become the King. His ambition is the reason he is turning to a violent and bloody tyrant. Also, Macbeth’s wife plays a critical role in encouraging him to overcome the sense of guilt and follow the witches’ prophesies.

Macbeth has the best marriage in the play. They are equal in love and ambition. Macbeth sends a letter to his wife telling her about the witches’ prophesies. This is an indication of trust. Macbeth tells his wife everything that happens because he considers her opinion highly.

Macbeth is not convinced by the idea of killing King Duncan. He feels nervous and guilty. He seems nervous to the extent of experiencing the vision of the bloody dagger. Although the idea of killing the King makes Macbeth uncertain on what to do, but the desire for power motivates him to kill the King.


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