Malcolm X

Question 2

Over the years, I have practiced different learning strategies to help to improve my academic skills. Some have been successful, while some did not bear any fruits. The strategy that I have found most successful is the one involving participation in tutorials. Getting involved helps me understand various course materials. I tend to feel more confidence when handing an assignment from any of the topics that I had encountered.

While in tutorials, I prepare myself by completing all the prescribed readings and assignments. I always ensure that I have a positive attitude while attending the tutorials. I also listen carefully to whatever is being said and I always show interest in the things that other students have to say. I have also developed the tendency to take contribute during the discussions and note the relevant points. These aspects have really helped in improving my academic skills.


Question 3

I have always wanted to emulate my uncle. He always seems to fascinate me most of the times that we are together. My uncle is very knowledgeable on matters to do with politics. Since my tender age, I have heard him discuss several issues regarding politics in my home country. He always comes with these big ideologies that you would not think about after encountering the topic of discussion for the first time. I have heard other people, including my father acknowledging his deep understanding of the political world.   The way he breaks down political information for analysis is second to none.

As I grew up, I realized that he read a lot of books, magazines, journals and newspapers that related to politics. This was when I came to understand where his knowledge on political issues comes from. The concept inspired me during my early school life. It cultivated the desire to get involved with my academic life. Up to date, I ensure that a have read any content available to the best level of my understanding. This has helped me in being knowledgeable on various topics. I have my own collection of resources for topics that I find fascinating.


Question 4

I have found myself in situations when I am motivated to learn even when I am not in the classroom environment. There is a time that I found a friend of mine very depressed. His mother was undergoing a rough period with her health. This had commenced after she had given birth to their last born. Seeing how distressed the way he was, I got interested into knowing what her mother was ailing from. He told me of the symptoms that she was having and that she was not improving even after taking medications. The symptoms were not severe, but he was worried it might get worse.

The symptoms included fatigue, weakness, dry hair, excessive weight gain, hair loss, pale skin, constipation, muscle cramps, memory loss, depression and cold intolerance. I became interested and conducted a lot of research based on these symptoms on the internet. I stumbled on several possibilities, but I concluded that she had a thyroid problem based on the findings I had regarding the symptoms. I told my friend, and he encouraged her to undertake a thyroid function test. It was found that her thyroid was under-active and was put on medication, which helped to improve her health.

The experience that I got from this encounter is that you can do anything if you put your mind into it. This is something that I now try to apply in the classroom. I always ensure that I am interested in whatever I am learning at all times. This improves my motivation levels and enhances my chances of grasping the desired content.

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