Management Annotated Bibliography

Sabina Nawaz (2019) How to Make Sure a New Hire Feels Included from Day One Retrieved on February 25.

The article focuses on some of the onboarding mechanism that can be used by the management to ensure there is smooth functioning of the human resource department. The article employs a real-life experience in a Fortune 500 Company and some of the strategies that lead to competitive advantage and better productivity levels.  The article addresses the problem of sidelining workers in the functioning of an organization. There are instances where the duties of the human resource may be overwhelming and thus complicate service delivery.  Given the dynamics of a new team, it is critical to adopt onboarding initiatives that allow for individual connection.

The information featured in the article is relevant to management as it ensures that there is the adoption of techniques and strategies that improve the productivity of employees. Additionally, recruitment is one of the critical processes of an organization. Other than the high recruitment costs, there is often the risk of ensuring that there is a smooth relation between new and old employees. However, the article offers insights on ways that onboarding techniques can address the setbacks that come with new employees. One of the duties of the management is ensuring that there is a positive organizational culture. The article highlights some of the approaches that boost team interactions.

Sabina’s insights are essential at enhancing professionalism in the organization. The goal of human resource management is ensuring that there are improved productivity levels of the labor force. Through adopting the onboarding techniques in the article, it is possible to model a positive organizational culture. Moreover, the application of the ideas in the article would come in handy in the reduction of operational costs and errors that come with the training of workers. The argument rests on the fact that there is the highlighting of techniques applicable to both new and old workers.  One of the areas that the content of the article may be applied is in the recruitment of new workers. I agree with the argument that onboarding initiatives and creating an individual connection with the employees are critical in the attainment of the set goals and objectives.  Some of the question arising from the article includes

  1. Who are some of the stakeholders that may take part in the onboarding initiatives
  2. What are the cost implications of onboarding programs
  3. How regular should be onboarding initiatives in an organization?

Dashun Wang and James A. Evans (2019) When Small Teams Are Better Than Big OnesRetrieved on February 21,

The article explains that different logistic issues come with the management of large groups. While a large group leads to higher productivity, there is the view that managing a smaller group is more profitable. In the past years, there has been a shift in many organizations where there is an increase in the creation of large teams. These groups are seen as being useful in areas such as research, product development and implementation of new policies.  The article notes that the efficient management of teams is critical in boosting both innovation and science topics. The author strives to explain the differences between large and small terms in matters concerning innovation.

The information that is featured in the article can be defined as playing an essential role in ensuring that there is the smooth coordination of group activities. In most cases, the coordination of large teams can prove to be a challenging task hence the need to adopt strategies that minimize conflicts and ensure that all persons are committed towards the implementation of the changes. Different Studies note that there is the risk that large groups may dominate on the operational process. On the other hand, small teams are regarded as being efficient to manage and ensure that there is smooth interaction among all the members.  While most of the innovation emerges from groups as opposed to individuals, the article infers that there is a growing shift from large to small groups. The trend can be linked to logistics issues and the need to ensure that there is a better grip in the operational processes.  However, they ought to be strict considerations on instances when either small or large groups may be useful.

The article is well informed and effectively covers main issues in the coordination of team activities. Through the incorporation of insights by the two authors, there are high chances that teams would register better performances. It is worth noting that most of the group dynamics are complicated due to the different traits of the members.  Some of the questions that can lead to a better understanding of the article include

  1. Are small groups efficient than large groups?
  2. What are some of the factors that derail the functioning of groups?
  3. Which are some of the strategies that can contribute to the improvement of good performances levels?
  4. Are more innovations made by single individuals or through groups?

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