Management Challenges of Customers Service Center

Management Challenges of Customers Service Center

The comparative analysis will involve analyzing the management challenges of a customer service center in healthcare. Managers in various healthcare are faced with challenges of managing the customer service center. A customer service center in an organization is meant to handle customer’s telephone request, letters, and emails. The customer can also have a live chat with the customer care or agent.

However, some of the challenges faced include the following. The first challenge is the issue of compliance and regulatory. The managers are faced with the problem of training and re-certifying their agents. They need to ensure their agencies comply and are in a position to deliver quality services. The call centers are increasingly faced with the challenge of call volume and complex inquiries from the customers. Therefore, it requires that the agents or customer care must be equipped with skills to give out the correct information.  Second, most consumers are focusing their attention on the healthcare sector.  The organization will phase a challenge since they will be required to solve the customers’ problems by providing outstanding services. Also, the contact center must be able to move with the changing demand of the patients.

Human resource management involves designing jobs, identifying and developing skillful employees and also improving their service delivery. It also involves managing the staff and rewarding them for their services (Fried, Fottler, & Johnson, 2005). Business decisions are vital in any institution. Therefore, a human resource manager will have to make decisions by considering business ethics. An ethical decision made by a manager should be able to produce a favorable outcome. Similarly, it should conform to particular morals. Before the human resource manager makes a decision, he or she should consider the people to be involved and the decisions to be made. For example, the case of customer service center. The challenges in the customer service center include both the organization and the customers. Therefore, the decisions made to solve the issue will require the participation of both the patients and the management.

The greatest implication of this case is that the customer service center has more significant influence on the patients’ satisfaction. In case, services are not provided well then customers are dissatisfied. As a health service manager, it is good to ensure customers are loyal to your institution by providing outstanding services. Also, the management should look at the welfare of both the employees and the customers. The management should manage the channels of communication efficiently and use new technology. It will minimize the cost and maximize the kind of services provided.



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