Management Discussion Questions

Q 1. Why is supply chain management so important during the marketing process?

Supply chain management increases customer service. During the marketing process, the company tends to analyze opportunities in the market, selects target markets and develops a marketing strategy. After the company has identified target markets, the supply chain management ensures that customers receive the right product and quantity on time. Besides, the supply chain management ensures that the products are available in the locations that customers might find convenient. Additionally, the supply chain management boosts customer service by offering quality after-sale customer support. This will help to attract more customers and retain the existing ones.

Q 2. How is the use of analytics closely tied to the use of digital marketing?

Digital marketing entails allowing users to view and interact with the available digital content. Analytics is used in digital marketing in the following ways. First, web analytic enables one to see the activities on the site such as the number of visits, the movement of visitors and the number of pages viewed. Second, the use of social media analytics is significant as a platform to advertise new posts, provide data inform of social shares and tweets. One can use social media to gain traffic and promote the brand.

Q 3. What does the term noise mean in marketing? With so much advertising noise in the marketplace, how can a company ensure its message is heard?

Noise refers to anything that tries to distract the recipient from receiving the message from the company. The recipient can get distraction due to regional dialogue differences, lack of understanding and poor message delivery. The company can ensure that the target audiences get the message by crafting a clear message. The company should make sure that it has a clear and comprehensive message since it will appeal directly to the audiences. The marketing team should avoid the use of jargons. Second, the company can decide to hire focus groups. These groups will provide input on their understanding of the message the company intended to convey.

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