Management in a healthcare organization (HCO)

Management in a healthcare organization (HCO)

How a manager can control employees to make necessary changes in an HCO

To make essential changes in a healthcare organization (HCO), managers should issue new job descriptions which will lead to the desired change. Employees work within the job description which means that that the prescriptions set will control them towards the desired change. The managers can also establish rules, procedures, and policies which will guide employees towards the change. Employees always work within the set rules to avoid losing their jobs.

Feeling about using intuition rather than rational thinking to make decisions

Intuition gives rise to decisions based on practical experiences other than rational thought which may be right but not possible. Intuition relies on what people have tried or seen working in the past. Decisions made through intuition are therefore likely to be practical in a situation compared to rational thinking. However, some choices which managers make on wisdom may require validation to avoid errors. In such a case, rational thought may be applied next to validate the intuition.

Comparison between radical change and incremental change

Both radical and incremental changes are made in the direction of the desired change. They are meant to improve the performance of a health or any other organization. Radical change has a significant effect on the structure of an organization including the culture because it makes excellent adjustments. On the other hand, the incremental change makes small adjustments which do not have a noticeable impact on the current organizational structure.

How nonverbal communication is important for managers

Nonverbal communication is more effective in expressing feelings than verbal communication. Expression of feelings in management is crucial as it is the most effective way to communicate how employees are working. Emotions have a more significant impact on employees’ reception of messages and how they carry their duties.

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