Management Information Systems Research

Research Topic Statement

Human resource information system (HRIS) has transformed human resource practices and management. HRIS, according to recent research, has made activities like recruitment, appraisal, and communication more efficient in organizations. Through HRIS, it is easier to select candidates and only pick those that would be suitable for the organization. Concerning communication, it is easier to send messages and receive feedback between managers and the employees. Correspondingly, HRIS has reduced the tasks of management as most of the tasks are completed with the aid of systems. In fact, it is predicted that HRIS would obliterate some management functions because of its high efficiency.Researchers into the HRIS field acknowledge that forward-looking organizations have incorporated HRIS into their organizations to improve effectiveness. There is also an attempt to distinguish eHRM and HRIS. Unlike eHRM, HRIS is a holistic approach that includes the workers and the management. eHRM is perceived more as restricted to management. HRIS in organization epitomizes progress and efficiency in all organizations.

Understanding HRIS is vital because, in the wake of technology, organizations are using systems for efficiency. Therefore, it is imperative to unearth the extent to which HRIS is beneficial to organizations today and in the future. Equally, any weaknesses to the system will be uncovered so that corrective measures are taken. The findings of the research will either reaffirm or refute the claims surrounding HRIS, based on existing research findings.

The sources used for the research are journal articles. Journals are reliable given that they have bodies that must approve the work before it is published. Moreover, the texts are under five years old, which makes their content credible. Fortunately, these reliable sources were easy to access and understand.

Topic Question: To what extent does HRIS have an impact on organizations?

Explanation for Covered Topics

The research will cover multiple sections. One such area is the analysis of how HRM functions were performed before and after HRIS was popularized in organizations. Understanding this difference is imperative because it will reveal what aspects HRIS has improved. Further, it will be possible to compare the difference in managerial activities before and after HRIS. Again, the paper will highlight the critical applications of HRIS. HRIS has multiple applications in the workplace, which explains its broad adoption. Communication, for instance, has evolved with the rise of HRIS. Thus, the paper will demonstrate whether this function has improved, and if so, in what aspects. Performance appraisal is another key area. The text will highlight how HRIS has revolutionized the appraisal system used by companies. By the same token, the job analysis, recruitment will be reviewed. The organization performance will be analyzed before and after the application of HRIS. The analysis should reveal a change in pattern, whether positive or negative, depending on the research findings. Understanding the key areas is imperative in determining whether HRIS has increased efficiency in HR practice. Another issue is the research into HRIS. Research into HRIS will detail the evolution of HRIS as an academic field. Grasping the revolution of HRIS as a field is imperative because it reveals what advances in research have been made. Additionally, it will showcase the milestones that HRIS has made since its inception. Comparatively, the analysis of the research techniques used in HRIS studies will be useful in highlighting any limitations and their impact on the perceived benefits or challenges that HRIS has in businesses. The scope of the research entails the application areas, a comparison of HR before and after HRIS, and the study of HRIS as a field.

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