Managing Diversity

Managing a diverse workforce and consumers is the best thing that can happen to any organization. A diverse workforce gives people an opportunity of gaining knowledge from one another, attain better business performance and connect with a wide range of consumers. Various techniques can be used to equip leaders with effective diversity management. Among the best strategy, is developing Strategic Human Resource Management.  It helps in thinking ahead and planning collectively as a group. All employees are encouraged to work together irrespective of their status. This strategy helps in bringing about employee and consumer engagement in issues relating to the organization. The engagement process enables employees to offer the best they can for the sake of the organization. They develop a sense of belonging since their needs are well catered for despite their differences (Daft & Lane, 2008). Unity is also created since everyone understands and appreciates the other. On the side of consumer, it tends to bring some sense of loyalty. To then it acts as a form of social responsibility.

About the Future

Based on the current trends like globalization and technological changes, the future generation stands at a better position to manage diversity. The nature of the global economy and social interactions will be vital in this realization. With the emergence of diverse technologies, people from different countries have the ability of communicating with ease because various platforms such as social networks are being embraced. Through this communication, people are starting to embrace their colleagues from other cultural backgrounds. They have come to learn that no one is unique compared to other and can coexist even better if they work together. This is because their ideologies are different but are aimed at achieving similar objectives.  Sometimes people think that they are complete. However, this notion is dropped once they have the chance to interact with others. They come to realize how much they need others for their goals to be achieved.



Daft, R. L., & Lane, P. G. (2008). The leadership experience (4th ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western.

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