Managing Human Resources

Write an essay in which you:
Compare and contrast ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ approaches to HRM (Foot, Hook, and Jenkins, 2016, p.12-13) ensuring you identify why organisations might adopt either approach in their HR systems, and what specific features of HR policy and systems might indicate either a Hard or Soft approach. You must include two examples of practice by organisations; one organisation which takes a Hard approach to HRM, and one which takes a Soft approach. Provide evidence which clearly demonstrates the HRM approach being taken by the organisations you have chosen. You will be marked as follows:
 Definition and explanation of the Hard and Soft concepts of HRM (30 Marks)
 Example of an organisation using a Hard approach to HRM (30 Marks)
 Example of an organisation using a Soft Approach (30 Marks)
 Use correct academic writing technique, including effective structure, grammar, spelling, use of in-text citations, and a full reference list, all of which should use the Harvard referencing convention. (10 Marks)
To achieve success, the following is required:
 Define and explain the concepts of Hard and Soft HRM, and what physical processes might indicate whether an organisation might be adopting a Hard or Soft approach to managing their people.
 Give two examples of actual practice by named organisations; one example demonstrating Hard HRM practices, and one example demonstrating Soft HRM practices.
 The vast majority of work should demonstrate your own original thinking, with data, quotes, paraphrased opinions, and other evidence used where appropriate, to evidence and support your own, original debate.
 This should be delivered in essay format, consisting of a title page, your main body of work, and a reference list. There is no requirement for an executive summary, table of contents, or appendices. You must not use diagrams or tables as part of your answer
 Evidence should be used from appropriate sources, such as; your core text book, other HRM text books, academic papers and HRM journals, case-
studies contained in academic works or on industry chartered institute platforms, such as CIPD, CMI, Institute of Leadership and Management, etc.