Many activities contribute to environmental degradation and global warming

Many activities contribute to environmental degradation and global warming

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Many activities seem harmless at a glance to the environment but goes a long way to contribute to environmental degradation and global warming with far-reaching consequences.

Ranching is an intensive agricultural activity. It requires more resources to rear cattle than other animals such as pigs, goats, and poultry which are a source of meat. When herds increase steadily, they need more land to expand acreage of grass and silage. This involves cutting down trees and clearing vegetation. This bringing down of trees leads to deforestation. It is terrible for our environment. Trees function to retain water and topsoil which provides rich nutrients to sustain additional undergrowth such as grass.  When they have washed away through erosion, the land is left barren and when it rains run off carries away the soil.  Deforestation for ranching is rampant in Amazon Brazil. Although far away from this tropical deforestation, researchers found out that deforestation of the Amazon rain forest could reduce rainfall in the Pacific Northwest and causes a reduction in the Sierra Nevada snowpack a crucial source of water for California. This has increased drought in the state of California and even created state officials impose criminal penalties for water wasters. If rationing occurs, we will have to commute and find alternative places to settle.

Commuting daily using motor vehicles has a hand in degrading the environment. Car exhausts emit a wide range of gases. Vehicles emit carbon dioxide among other greenhouse gases. Burning gasoline and diesel have contributed to a rise in global temperatures. When these gases are trapped in the atmosphere, they are oxidized and join with water particles in the atmosphere to form acidic rain. Acidic rain has caused rusting on many structures causing wearing through corrosions. Acidic rain produces fog and mist which causes difficulties in visibilities. This is more common in China and India.

In conclusion, we need to change our lifestyle by embracing green energy and a low carbon diet among others. What would be more fulfilling than planting trees along pavements, in residential neighbor hoods which make the place a few degrees cooler compared to concrete jungle neighborhoods and along roads? Cycling and embracing car-free nature will restore our mother nature by reducing emissions. It matters to us because even though we aren’t the ones doing these activities when we pay the harsh effects of global warming such as hurricanes and prolonged drought all of us will be affected.

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Ranching is an extensive and intensive agricultural with a significant burden to the environment which makes unsuspecting people far away bear the consequences of its large scale costly nature to the situation.

Transport consists of one of our daily activities. It’s an integral part of our day to day dealings. Do we even know what price does the environment pay as a result of this?


The comment uses fallacious appeal to authority  as it relies on the view of the daily mail whose author of the said article seems well informed  since it’s a respected source of news

Though small but seemingly unrelated incidences caused by global warming are causing more damages to the environment at a large scale to other areas.  Glaciers melting would seem not to create an alarm to many but a whole country eventually being submerged and hundreds of thousands being displaced is a cause of fear for many to wake up and help combat climate change

Most of the comments are faulty. The ideas they are using to dismiss the article are generally not factual except for Smokey who goes ahead to give pictorial evidence and a supporting conclusion of what has been contributing to wildfires.

The comments merely ignore and generally dismiss the authors’ overall argument s. The comments are just speculative with some trying to give a generalized causal relationship while others such as missy 1990 seem not to care at all.  Their contributions have little impact on the authors’ argument.

The charts present the evidence in a clear straight forward way. One can easily relate and identify with what the author is describing. It could have been difficult to understand if it was written. One can put into various categories of personal activities and understand own carbon footprint based on the chart.

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