Market Segmentation of Major Corporations

Market Segmentation of Major Corporations

The paper will analyze how major corporations such as Nike, Microsoft, and Apple have segmented their markets based on demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral characteristics. First, Nike Corporation has segmented its markets geographically in regions such as Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Besides, it markets the products based on cities and population density. For instance, the company uses football athletes to market football gears in the U.S. With demographic markets, Nike has footwear, clothing and equipment for male, female and kids. It targets individual according to their age, generation, occupation and life-cycle stage (Nike Inc. n.d). The company’s mission is to inspire and provide innovation to every athlete; however, regarding psychographic segmentation, the company targets a person’s interest, attitude, and lifestyle. Precisely, it targets people who enjoy playing sports. With behavioral segmentation, Nike tries to seek loyalty. The company gains customer base when customers develop loyal behaviors. The benefits include utility based, technology based and style based.

Microsoft Corporation is a global leader in software technology, and it has segmented its market in the following ways. The demographic market segment covers people with different age, gender and generation. Microsoft offers video games and gaming console to both young and adults (Microsoft Inc. n.d). It focusses mainly on families and pays little attention to gamers. With geographic segmentation, the company has both domestic and foreign markets that include America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The company is trying to acquire market share in densely populated regions such as India and China by providing them with cheap smartphones. In psychographic segmentation, the company focusses on lifestyle and social class. For instance, the company offers premium phones to high-class individuals. In addition, it has low to middle level priced devices for the other category of people. The behavioral market segment entails the company’s endeavors in developing customer loyalty. For example, the company provides high-level productivity and internet connectivity to both hardcore and rookie gamers to increase their usage rate.

Lastly, the market segment for Apple Inc. is different from others since the company ensures its customers and organizations get Apple devices with technology packs. In demographic segmentation, the company’s technology suits all age. For example, Youth’s iPad is used to play educational games while adults use theirs for entertainment, receiving and sending emails and reading (Apple Inc. n.d). With psychographic segmentation, the company’s products suit the middle class to high-class consumers and are based on motive, personality, and lifestyle. On the other hand, Apple’s Behavioral segmentation is based on the brand loyalty, usage rate, the benefits of using the devices and the consumer status. The company started with Mac computers then moved to iPod and iPad because of the high demand and consumer loyalty. Moreover, the company has a global geographic segmentation that includes Americas, Europe, Asia and other small segments. It has retail outlets such as Sprint and AT&T stores.


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