Marketing of Apple’s iPad

Marketing of Apple’s iPad

  1. Identify the television show or recent movie you watched, and introduce the brand of a consumer product that you found was featured in the plot of the story.

Last weekend, I started watching the TV series named Modern Family with Dunphy family as the main characters. In its nineteenth episode of season one, the series featured Apple’s iPad. Precisely, the iPad airing took a whole thirty minutes of product placement in the television show. Dunphy family bought an iPad as a gift for their dad’s birthday (Modern Family TV Show, 2010). However, the product placement coincided with the actual day the iPad was launched.

  1. Discuss the type of consumer product (convenience, shopping, specialty, unsought) you identified in the plot of the story. Explain your answer.

An iPad is one of the items that only a few individuals can afford to buy. Therefore, it is categorized as a specialty consumer product.  The product has a strong brand preference, and a person will make a special effort to buy it. For example, in the TV series, Mrs. Claire bought an iPad as a special gift for her husband’s birthday (Modern Family TV Show, 2010). However, its price is always high. Precisely, the breakthrough price of an iPad was $499. Moreover, the product is found exclusively in a few outlets.

  1. Discuss how the television show or movie increases or decreases the brand equity of the product.

Apple continued to increase the brand equity of its product throughout the TV series. The television show tried to increase customers’ awareness about the product by showing a quick note on the screen with the words “products provided by Apple”. Similarly, the brand name is simple; therefore, customers will find it easy to pronounce and remember the word “iPad.” The TV series depicted the importance the product by showing us how the character Dunphy was obsessed with getting an iPad as his birthday gift. The story surrounding the iPad aired for approximately thirty minutes since the character were eager to learn more about the product.

  1. Describe the brand strategy of the product you identified within the plot of the story.

Within the plot of the story, Apple employed attitude branding strategy to promote iPad. The Apple brand is more than just phones, tablets, and computers. The Apple’s logo on the back of an iPad signifies knowledge; therefore, the consumers are all eager to have a touch or possess such a device. Similarly, the attitude branding provides consumers with self-expression and a sense of identity (Kotler, 2011). The potential consumers feel overwhelmed when they buy the product. For example, in the TV series Modern Family, Dunphy family were joyful when they bought the iPad, and they expressed themselves differently. The family wanted to get a glimpse of the various application in the iPad.


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