Marketing Audit

Question 1

A marketing audit determines what has the organization has currently accomplished. Therefore, it examines the activities that have worked and those that have failed in the organization (Marketing Audit, n.d.). Second, a marketing audit evaluates what the organization is doing and if it is working. Third, it provides a recommendation on what the organization should do in the future (Marketing Audit, n.d.).. From a marketing perspective, an organization can review its marketing and communication options and understand where it stands. The organization can get information about the target audience, competitors, and internal situation and this will help in the strategic planning of the organization.

Question 2

Cause or corporate societal marketing is a strategy used by organizations to ensure they consider the consumer’s wants, achieve the company’s objectives and promote the long-term interest of the society (Donovan, & Henley, 2010). When an organization practices societal marketing such as advertising, sales promotion, sponsoring events and supporting the local community, they positively change my attitude and make me admire their products and services. I will always buy products, services from a company as long as the company is socially responsible, and cares about the environment more than just making profits. For instance, I will buy products from Coca-Cola because I know it is socially responsible since it has programs that support local water supply.

Question 3

In my opinion, the most important topic is Government Regulations. The topic explains how it is important for a practitioner to consider the five government agencies that have an influence on public relation (Newsom, VanSlyke, & Kruckeberg, 2013). The agencies include the following. First, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is concerned with protecting consumers and eliminating anticompetitive businesses (Newsom, VanSlyke, & Kruckeberg, 2013). Public relations firms or practitioners have the responsibility to abide by the principles. Second, the U.S Postal Services will help a person understand that the law prohibits using mail to deliver obscene materials and those that might incite riot or assassination. Third, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have the responsibility of protecting the consumers (Newsom, VanSlyke, & Kruckeberg, 2013). As a PR, you will be heavily involved in matters concerning the consumer’s welfare. Fourth, understanding the Security and Exchange Commission will help a person have knowledge of SEC regulations. As a PR, you will be required to understand an investor relations practitioner in the organization and build a healthy relationship. Lastly, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has the authority over the interstate and international communications. Therefore, the public relations practitioner has the same responsibility for ensuring that information delivered are safe for the consumers.

Question 4

I took the position of the critic about the impact of advertising. Advertising subjects consumers to choice overload. They become overwhelmed by the continuous need to decide on what products to buy. Besides, it is impossible for people to ignore advertisements because companies use various methods to capture the attention of the consumers. The side on the marketing professional had valid points to support the impact of advertisement. For instance, advertising helps people to make the right choice between two competing products. Customers can get information on the availability of new products that are cheap and have the best value. Second, since most people make poor judgments, companies have become creative, and that is why they are trying to influence the consumers positively through advertising. The other point against advertising is that companies do not consider the interest of the society. For instance, the fast food adverts have contributed to the rising rates of child obesity.

Question 5

Yes, I was able to make a decision after I classified the three products into Boston Consulting Group matrix. I used the BCG to analyze the product lines and allocate resources appropriately. The product that fell within the cash cow category had large shares of the market although the industry was growing slowly. Therefore, the company will use the limited resources to generate more revenue.  Second, the products in the dog category will be sold off since they have a small market share. Third, the star category had products that exhibited large market share in an industry that is growing fast. Therefore, the company will invest more resources to maintain their growth (Bhasin, 2011). Lastly, I did not have a product that fell in the unknown category.



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