Marketing Communication

Must be 3000 words, no need of executive summary, it’s a report not an essay

using a U.K. car market – they mean the market for buying cars, there is no restrictions. You can choose :
– city car market
– luxury car market
– off road market
– petrol car market
– electricity car market
– diesel car market
Once you choose, stay with one segment and be strong

In Task 1 a)

Perception of risk- in theory describe what is it first..Use any diagrams or models

In analyses you can use:

Performance risk, physical risk, financial risk, social risk, ego risk, time risk.

Use level of involvement, could be by segment.

high involvement, higher involvement, higher perception of risk. You can talk about involvement, the nature of DMP
– the purchase extended
– problem solving
– limited problem solving
– routinised response be

In Task 1 b)

Use Diagram ‘Elaboration like hood model’ in theory and describe

Then proper marketing analyses will follow


Number of people who can be in the low situation or high situation

Young people may want beautiful cars to show off, old people look more at spec savers

The book I recommended bellow has the models there

Compare and contrast of two competing high street banks in the U.K.

What they mean by contrast is you need to mention similarities, differences, more deeper details

Brand equity models to use : Aaker or Keller

What is brand building – trying to increase the brand equity, value > that means a brand is value

Choose one of the models for the banks’s comparison. The Keller model picture is attached in your files, you can use this one and also the picture of it as the model picture must be in Theory Task 2 and described how each section of it works, then comparative analyses of the two banks will follow(the model will be applied).

*theories(description, structure,

Lots of information come from marketing communication how they communicate with the market.

The book called Marketing communication from Chris Fill & Sarah Turnbull should be used

Say special clear about the differences between the banks, choose two banks, the good ones to compare.

Examples: Metro doing this…., HSBC is not doing it…HSBC is more global bank(Chinese), Barclays…..
This piece of work should be reporting & observing how the brand doing, what is going on & not advising

HSBC doing better than Santander (Spanish bank)

Report how the bank is doing, brand awareness, compare to the other brand . How the two of them doing – the Keller model

Examples : Lloyd’s bank association they use this.. if you compare to the other bank, the other bank is doing something else.