Marketing Department

SWOT Analysis

The department’s strengths include the positive reputation that the company has among the residents of Ohio State. The awareness and training initiatives are also strengths that the company can bank on for their marketing. The Operation Revitalize is also an important strength. The fact that the company is a not for profit organization is also a strength that can help bring financiers and philanthropists on board. The staffs at the marketing department provide strength in the department. In particular, the eight years that the Director has held is a stable period. The many different services offered by the company are strengths because they diversify the products. Moreover, the company’s visible presence in the internet is a plus for the marketing department.

The company has weaknesses including the limited resources at their exposure. The not for profit nature of the company is also a weakness as it limits the resources available for marketing. The resignation of the executive director, although already replaced, is also a threat to the company’s stability. Another weakness is the fact that the company is not the only one providing such services in Ohio State.

The organization has a vast array of opportunities including the many social events available in Ohio State. The seminars held at libraries, city buildings and hospitals provide an opportunity to market the products. The increase in demand for health awareness is also another opportunity that the marketing department can bank on.

            The threats to the organization’s marketing are also many including newer and cheaper products from competitors. Another threat includes the decline in financing from current financiers. Another threat is the anticipated change in taxation policy.


Write at least three blog posts every week and then share the same on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Upscale the number of seminars to 3 seminars every week in three different locations.

Hold one free medical camp every month to improve the reputation of the company.

Run an advertisement campaign on the mainstream media every one month.

Organize monthly marketing drives around Ohio State.

Evaluate the performance of all staff in the marketing department against the objectives for every month.

Hold weekly marketing drives in the various private companies to attract their employees to our various products.


Tactical Plan

Develop a press release to launch new service products in the organization.

Redesign the organization’s website to include a portal for having feedback from the clients.

Create a weekly thirty minute tele-clinic that addresses one of the health issues that our organization deals in. The health issues will change with every week.

Organize for monthly fundraising dinners in which every attendee buys a plate of healthy food at a relatively high fee.

Hold weekly seminars to sensitize the citizens of the importance of having their bodies screened.

Prepare monthly plans for the organization spelling out the marketing activities for the particular month.


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