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I believe that consumers receive more benefits than risks from marketers knowing their personal details. The existence of active Customer Relationship Management program in organizations aids consumers to receive more benefits than risks. Precisely, an organization with an active CRM program offers the consumer the opportunity to move through the Consumer Development Process (Percy & Elliott, 2016). Therefore, the consumer will establish a strong relationship with the organization and have the chance to access designed promotional and service programs that are unavailable to the public. According to Percy and Elliott (2016), organizations use their Customer Relationship Management program to meet the individual needs of loyal and valued customers. The skill in CRM program requires organizations to build a customer database and determine the trends, and individual needs of customers. For instance, organizations provide customers with special shopping days, flyer discounts, reminders for service opportunities and advance information about the availability of new products. Therefore, when firms offer consumers such opportunities, they tend to benefit more.

In addition, marketers engage in a thorough investigation about interests of the customers and personal details that relate to the firm’s future and products available. Marketers have the role to gather information about the market and consumers and keep the information in the company’s database. Due to the privacy issues, organizations keep consumer’s information in secret and ensure they do not leak the information to the public (Percy & Elliott, 2016). Therefore, with the availability of consumer’s personal information, marketers can anticipate future actions. Marketers can combine both specific information and general information, and anticipate desires of consumers thus providing them with what they want. For instance, if marketers know that consumers like using technology and books, they will introduce e-reader in the market because they anticipate that consumers would like them.


Percy, L., & Elliott, R. H. (2016). Strategic advertising management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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