Marketing Front Load Washers

Marketing Front Load Washers

As the CEO of ABC Washing Machine Company, I will consider the following external environment when marketing the products of my company. First, the economy of a country has a significant effect to how a company will market its products. However, economic concerns entail the inflation and interest rates, and the gross domestic product of a country. The consumption of products such as front load washers is affected by the wealth of the population of the Czech Republic. As the CEO, I will consider the availability of credit and also, the amount of disposable income that is available in that particular market. During the period of inflation, I will maintain level pricing strategy, and this will help the company to retain customers. Also, the company will increase its production efficiency and improve the services rendered to the customers. Recession in a country is another thing that the company would like to consider since it will result in the decrease in the demand for the products.

The second factors to be considered are the political and legal factors. For a business to operate, it requires regulations from the government to protect the interest of the society and also, the innovators of new technology. Therefore, there should be laws to interpret how the firms should operate in a competitive environment. For example, there should be regulations to protect the introduction of front load washers in the Czech Republic. However, when marketing the products of my company I will consider the government’s legal and regulatory issues. The issues include taxes, fair-trade decisions, wages and antitrust laws. Besides, as the CEO, I will try to influence legislative actions and the opinions of the public. I will do so through political lobbying, advertising and political action committees.

The other critical issues in marketing out products are product differentiation and alteration strategies. In a country like the Czech Republic, it will be critical to differentiate our products so that we can sustain the pressure from the other competitors. Therefore, our products differentiation strategy will create a unique perception from the customers, and they will view the products as different from what our various competitors offer. The company will have specific target segments that include the consumer markets and business markets (Armstrong, Adam, Denize, & Kotler, 2014). In the consumer markets, the company targets both the low-income and the high-income groups. However, we shall look at the locations where the people have water shortage problems. Similarly, we shall target well-educated consumers with an average monthly income since they can afford our products.

The other segment target is the business market. The business market will include the industrial houses and the commercial establishments that deal with clothing and laundry business. Our differentiation of Front Load Washers is based on the use of advanced technology. The technology used is hassle free and also cost effective. Moreover, the consumers and precisely, the households will benefit from using these products in the long run. Therefore, the households cleaning woes will be answered when you use Front Load Washers. However, purchasing these machines will earn the customers better value for their money than buying the traditional or any other washing machines.

The marketing mix strategies entail prices, place and promotions. First, we are going to arrive at a price that will be affordable to the consumers. Getting the right price to sell these products involve examining the perception of the consumers in the market and the prices of the rival products. Also, we shall examine the cost we incurred to manufacture the products and the promotion activities involved. Second, place encompasses methods of transporting and storing the products so that the consumers can access them. Taking the products to the consumers will require a good distribution system. For our case, we shall sell our products to the wholesalers who will then distribute them to the retailers. Similarly, some of the products will be sold directly to the customers. Precisely, we shall use our well-known Electronic Specialty Stores and other electronic chains to distribute our products. Besides, the consumers can also access our products through our online channels in our website,

Lastly, our front load washing machines will be promoted with an extensive media blitz. Our focus will be on products differentiation through our advanced technology and also the long run cost-effectiveness of our products. As the CEO, I will request the advertising department to conduct advertisements on television and should be during prime time. The message will emphasize on how Front Load Washers is the future of the next generation and the changes it will bring to household laundry.

The global staffing approaches include ethnocentric, polycentric and geocentric staffing (Tiwari, 2013). Ethnocentric staffing involves hiring the management team that has the same nationality as the parent company. Therefore, in our case, our management team will involve staffs from ABC Washing Machine Company. The advantages of this approach are that it allows easy communication since there are no cultural or language barriers. Also, the ABC Washing Machine Company can transfer employees with outstanding performance records to the Czech Republic. It will improve the level of predictability. Lastly, the approach will overcome situations when we have unqualified managers in the host country. The following are the disadvantages of this approach. When a company hires expatriates, it more expensive compared to when it decide to hire the local workers. Similarly, the approach can lead to the development of cultural myopia. Lastly, the action of hiring expatriates will produce local resentment, and this will hurt the moral.

The second approach is polycentric staffing. The approach encompasses hiring employees from the host countries. The company will hire from the subordinate staff to the executive suites. The advantages of the approach include the following. The local workers will guide the foreign company on culture, local market conditions politics and laws. Also, the approach is inexpensive to implement since the local workers are cheap, and there are no relocation expenses incurred (Harzing, & Pinnington, 2010). The disadvantages are; the local employees may sometimes consider their interest over that of the company. The approach also limits the career mobility by employing more of the nationals from the host country.

The third approach is geocentric staffing. However, the approach seeks to employee people for the key positions in the company regardless of their nationality. The advantage of the approach is that it allows the company to hire persons with a different culture so long as they are competent. Similarly, the approach helps in building a strong informal management networks and culture. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the approach is expensive to implement. Besides, the policies governing national immigration may limit the implementation of the approach.



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