Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development


New City Home Care which is located in Midwestern City is a private home health organization that offers services such as therapy and nursing care. Precisely, the company serves the aging population of the community. The Midwestern City has an estimated number of 55,000 people. Compared to the neighboring town, which is approximately 10 miles away, the population of Midwestern City is higher. However, the number of elderly has increased the number of retirees. This is a green area that New City Home Care is targeting. It would be important for the New City Home Care to open a new office in this area. This requires an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy as outlined out in this marketing plan.

Company Historical Resident Trends

The size of Midwestern City’s population is about 55,000, and the company has always targeted the seniors and those retiring so as to provide them with nursing care. The majority of those people living in this city are at the middle-class level with an average income of about$100, 000 per annum. Most of these people are keen on their health and lifestyle and are ready to pay for such services provided by the company. The majority of them have a college degree and are employed. Health care in the country has been in a state of chaos and flux for some time. With the reforms in the healthcare stream rolling, aging services providers must try to figure out how to be partners of choice in authentic and accountable care homes (Tsai, 2014). In this context, New City Home Care understands that elderly and the seniors that are looking for the care services will not just make an impulse decision but will acquire more information so that they can choose the care providers that would meet high demands.


Current Strategic Plan

The current strategy of the Company is to penetrate into the new town by setting up a satellite office. This town is 10 miles away from Midwestern City. It also has a smaller population when compared to that of Midwestern City. Despite this population being smaller than that of Midwestern, there is a rise in the population of seniors and elderly who are retiring from their employment. This provides a green area that the New City Home Care can tap. So that this can be successful, the company has s rolled out several strategies. Successful marketing strategies call for a comprehensive plan that will help any organization stand out (Häikiö & Anttonen, 2011). Therefore, New City Home Care’s strategies include:

  • Educating the consumers: Here the company will educate the residents of this town on the services available and how they are paid.
  • Promoting transparency: In the modern world, there is completely nothing that can be hidden. As such, New City Home Care will embrace transparency in all its operations areas. This means that the company will be open for its pricing, quality, and online reviews. The more information provided, the more likely the customers will respect the company (McDonald & Wilson, 2011).
  • Doing leverage word of mouth: Here the company endeavors to use word of mouth before it can resort to social media. It would explore the needs of these retirees. It aspires to know the preferences of these elderly people, and later the company can amplify these preferences using the social media.
  • Extending the brand of the company: Today, care providers who are succeeding focus more on what it means to provide care to retirees (McDonald & Wilson, 2011). New City Home Care will start looking at the hospice and home heath as extended services so that it can stand out against the competitors.

Demographic Standards

For any business to succeed it must have adequate information on the demography and particularly on the target group (Grabowski, Stevenson & Cornell, 2012). For New City Home Care, the target is the population of the new town which has a smaller population but with a significant number of retirees. The retirees from this town belong to the middle-class level which means that they are in a position to pay for these services of the company. Understanding the demography would be helpful in avoiding mistakes in marketing the services of the company (Tsai, 2014). Demographics should involve geographic area, education, race, gender and income levels (Grabowski, Stevenson & Cornell, 2012). Expanding into this area is promising since most of the people here are highly educated with either college degree or are high school graduates. The town is also not so far as it is about 10miles away from Midwestern City. Again, most of the people here love shopping and recreation services such as gym to keep good health. This information is important to avoid hit-and –miss marketing strategies.

Quality Standards

New City Home Care will serve the elderly by providing care and therapy services. The company in its provision of care to these retirees will focus on quality standards. Time and quality are key aspects in the provision of any product or service (McDonald & Wilson, 2011). The staff of the company should be trained to be friendly and helpful who will be involved in arranging the meals, personal care, transportation, chore services and adult care services and any other services the retirees may need. The company in its effort to ensure quality would host certain popular programs such as Better Health, Better Choice, and Enhance Fitness and would also assist the retirees in applying for benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, and other programs.

Marketplace and Competition

Marketing care services entail handling the trust and relationship over a long period so that when individuals require the service the company offer, it will always be the top of choice and mind. Care services to the seniors and the elderly are in many cases not anted by and large. It is not about selling products such as iPhones (Grabowski, Stevenson & Cornell, 2012). According to Häikiö and Anttonen (2011), relationships and trust play a significant role in the marketing of care services. New City Home Care having understood this is planning to provide quality services and formidable friendly relationship so that it can be top of others. Currently, several private homes provide care services to retirees in this town. This means that competition will to occur. To encounter this competition the company is planning to be transparent to its customers, provide adequate information whenever needed, instill empathy and professionalism to its care providers, provide timely and highly quality services and educate clients.

Models and Practices of Reaching the Target Population

Having effective marketing strategies would be important for any company so that it can reach its customers more easily. The company with reference to this aims at using the most formidable tactics to reach the customer. These include the following:

  • Use of the mass media-The Company will advertise its services and products through the mass media so as to reach many audiences in this town. Tools here include television, radio, and newspapers. However, mass media would be used as just a multi-pronged method and as a compliment to the rest of marketing strategies because it is costly and may escalate the health care costs.
  • Holding seminars in the town-Since this town is not so large, the health care providers of the company will hold seminars so that they can market the services of the company to the population through education. Through the seminars, the company will be able to introduce its services, how they are paid and how they serve best interests if the customers.
  • Use of social media-The population of this town is learned, and on the internet use, they are above average. Most of them are on major social media platforms such as Facebook. The company is, therefore, to utilize this platform so that it can reach those using it.
  • Use of websites-The Company’s website will be used to market the services and to reach the audience. A friendly SEO content is to be created to help the company market the website effectively.

Developing Recommendations

There are several recommendations to meet so that the company is aligned with its strategies. The mission, resources, programs and the needed support areas of the company must be outlined. The other recommendation is to identify what is working well and what can be adjusted. The other recommendation is to determine how these adjustments will be made and then determine the best approach to making these adjustments. Additionally, the changes should be included as strategies in the roadmap and the strategic plan with an alignment path. The alignment planning may need the use of a solid model prior to its application thus making it difficult to implement (Grabowski, Stevenson & Cornell, 2012). Therefore, an appropriate strategic planning method is important since it ensures that direction of the company has been identified and defined.

Writing the Plan and Setting Expectations

Real power comes from being able to accomplish specific projects and tasks in a certain way. It involves moving in the right direction swiftly with clear marching orders (Hollensen, 2015). In this regard, the plan of the company is to be in a position to set up a new satellite office in the adjacent town and provide competitive services. New City Home Care expects to tap the increasing number of retirees in this town. Once it has set up its offices in this new town, the company would be to market itself with the target audience being the elderly and the seniors who require therapy and care services. Quality and timely services are what the company endeavors to provide to its customers.

Implementing the Plan: Proven Best Practices for Implementing

Effective implementation of this strategy requires all stakeholders to be involved. The management of the company and the staff must be involved. It would require communication over the strategies and resources to be used in implementing this plan. The strategic plan of the company must be implemented based on the business scorecard. These include the customer perspective, process perspective, and financial perspective. The customer is key to implementing any strategic plan to ensure that their needs have been adequately addressed (Hollensen, 2015). The aspect of finance in implementing any strategy is important. In this case, financial availability must be considered so that the implementation can go through successfully. During implementation, a thorough communication plan should be in place and followed to the later so that all items and details of implementation are clear to everybody involved.

Tools for Evaluating and Adapting the Plan

The balance scorecard measure would be used to evaluate and adapting the plan. The scorecard measures include the customer perspective which would evaluate whether the needs of the customers are being addressed. The other score card measure is the financial perspective which evaluates the financial viability of the company and whether it can meet the resources, programs, and activities that would ensure its strategic plan is implemented effectively (Grabowski, Stevenson & Cornell, 2012).  The other measure is processed perspective which would evaluate whether the company is aligned with its strategies. The other tools to evaluate the plan include the performance metrics such as turnover metrics that would reflect the performance employees.


With these strategies in mind and being implemented, New City Home Care will definitely be the top care provider in this town. Its services are centered on quality, timeliness, and friendliness. The company understands that the target audience it aspires to provide care and therapy services love better lifestyles and are much keen on the care provider they decide to select. As such the company has developed this comprehensive market plan so that it can have an easy establishment in the new town in addition to being the best care provider. Effectively implementing these strategies would yield positive results to the company.



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