Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy for Diwai Frozen Juice Company

Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy for Diwai Frozen Juice Company


As a non-alcoholic beverage, the frozen juice is delicious and highly recommended for people of all ages. It is a world-leading commodity without any artificial growth hormones. Frozen juice always brings a smile to guests because of its various flavors. The company will provide a huge unique variety of frozen juice mixing opportunities. Such is the reason; customers receive a new and fresh frozen juice experience all the time (Gordon, 2013).

Target Customers

The existing market situation is that the company will introduce a product in the local market. Most importantly, we are targeting all the people in the market. In order to increase the sales, the company will aim at enhancing the value of the product to suit the interest and needs of our clients. It is important to understand one’s potential clients, and for this case, the company will concentrate on offering the best quality frozen juice. After identifying the needs of our customers, the next step is to promote the advertisement strategies to improve our market share. There is huge competition in this line of production, and there is a need to come up with efficient marketing strategies. The demographic composition in Georgia, the local market for our commodities, consists of children, youth and old people. The main areas include Auburn and Jersey cities with zip codes 30011 and 30018 respectively.

Market Competition

To determine the level of competition in this market is not an easy task. However, the company will need to identify the amount of competition (Gordon, 2013). Such a move will give a clear view of the number of competitors that exist and what strategies they use. The non-alcoholic beverage market is large, and there are many companies. Therefore, to stand out, the business should assess its strength I the market. It will identify its weaknesses and opportunities and make use of them to enhance its operations.

Unique Selling Propositions

For the business to withstand the stiff competition from rival firms, it must create a strong selling proposition. This will distinguish the business’s selling strategies from those of competitors.

Pricing Strategy

For most businesses, pricing strategies act as a gateway to enhancing their competitive advantage (Jain, 2000). Diwai Frozen Juice Company will implement various pricing strategies. These include skimming, promotional strategies, and penetration. For the firm to compete well in this market, it can use the skimming method. It involves setting higher prices in the beginning and then decreasing them after some time to match those of the rivals.

Besides, the firm can utilize the bundle pricing, in which it will set a variety of its flavors under a single price. On the other hand, promotional pricing strategies can be used to attract more customers. The company can offer a free flavor as a promotional method.


It is an essential tool used in gaining a more competitive advantage. Differentiating the frozen juice product will allow the creation of a larger market share and gaining more potential customers. The firm will ensure production of unique and new brands that gives customers different choices (Jain, 2000).

The Five F’S

The company will need to create strong strategies by considering the five F’s. The first is to focus on what the firm will engage in and the production methods involved. The other is embracing follow-through. It involves taking real actions and executing the strategy in the required manner. For frozen juice company to evolve and gain more market share, it needs to implement its plans using the resources set and getting the desired outcome. The marketing strategies to be used by the enterprise should be flexible and adapt to the changing market environment. Additionally, the strategies need to value the feedback of the customers because they determine the sales volume of any business.

Building Diwai Frozen Juice Brand

The first step in building the brand would be to engage in social media marketing (Ranchhod, & Gurău, 2007). There are many factors affecting brands today including younger generation and demographic shift. The company will aim at creating a sustainable consumer loyalty to enable stable purchasing power. Many clients prefer to identify with a product that they trust and enhance their value. Therefore, frozen juice aims at improving this fact.

The other way is to concentrate on creativity with an aim of advancing the brand to customers. Also, the company strives to create a strong and flexible brand identity. It should be able to change depending on the demands and lifestyles of the customers.

Because the target market is locals, the business will need to sell most of the frozen juice products in grocery stores. These are easily accessible stores in the domestic market. Also, there is a need to set up trade exhibitions and shows that will promote the new flavors and bring the product closer to customers (Ranchhod, & Gurău, 2007).

These events will ensure that the company gains customer feedback, comments, and complaints about any issues that they need to be corrected. The shows also bring together a large number of retailers who may like our products and decide to sell them even in remote areas. The distribution channel will involve intermediaries such as retailers and suppliers. They will ensure that our commodities sell on time and quick delivery.



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