Marketing Project

This positioning statement aims at ensuring that the discussed customer group’s marketing activities are clear and consistent. I will follow the following steps below; first, choose the target audience group. In this case, I am targeting the women and Baby boomers. Second, I am developing a list of the audience needs that I am focused to meet. Third, I am manipulating the audience service benefits and requirements. That is what I want the target group to think about when they think about the service offered.  The next step I will examine this positing statement to ensure it depicts clarity, its consistent and clear. Finally, I get to the entire audience by frequently communicating the intended positioning message in all the activities done to the audience group.

The positioning ad entitled Bayer Aspirin TV commercial, cleaning Windows’ settles on a person who cleans a window, and he compares the comfort and feeling felt after stepping off the skyscraper edge to arriving at Mars on a rocket. The person understands that he needs to stay safer, in good health and keep mental clarity to execute his job excellently. Therefore, the person picks on taking Bayer AG Aspirin to avoid experiencing heart attacks and high levels of cholesterol. In this particular advert, the advertiser is Bayer AG, the advertised commodity is Bayer AG Aspirin, YouTube is this case is the advertiser profile, ‘The Wonder Drug’ is identified as the tagline, I could say the mood is active.

The other positioning ad on ‘Help Save a Life’ on Bayer Aspirin TV commercial records that there exist seven hundred thousand and ninety thousand United States dwellers who suffer heart attacks annually; according to Bayer AG. This particular brand continues to recommend Bayer Aspirin chewing and contacting 9-1-1 when an individual suspect to be having a heart attack. The provided process assists one to save his or her life. The advertisement profiles are similar to the previously discussed ad. However, the tagline is this case is ‘Carry Aspirin. Help Save a life’, and Ben Santoriello is identified as the actor while the prior one has unidentified actors. Taking the existing American markets, I would recommend the positioning strategies used in both adverts.

On the other hand, I would draft a positioning statement with a tagline ‘Depend on Aspirin. Cater for your offsprings and you’. I would recommend a monthly check-up for individuals in the nearby health clinics and conduct a campaign on online platforms entitled ‘Beyond Zero Campaign.’ The campaign would aim at reducing the heart attacks levels to zero through efficient use of the Aspirin drug. I would use a female and male cartoon symbolizing unity towards the fight. The targeted customers would be the American population.

Bayer Aspirin proves to be a strong medication for the Americans growth rate. The drug extends the life span of an individual when a cholesterol or heart attack takes the drug dosage as prescribed. However, baby boomers and women are more focused on seeing, growing and taking care of their offspring have a solution to depend on the drug once they experience heart attack complications. One can chew Bayer Aspirin after experiencing body pain such as chest pain in the shortest time possible and save a life. Unlike some other pills with a nasty taste, and big-sized pills which can be disgusting to a patient and consume more dosage time while swallowing and try to break it down. Bayer Aspirin is absorbed into the bloodstream directly. Therefore, it takes effect fast. The drug has been recommended for use for the last one hundred years by the doctors to promote heart health in women aged forty-five and above. Bayer Aspirin is highly recommended in women by cardiologists to reduce heart maladies. The drug prevents circulation and cardiovascular ailments named amongst killer maladies in America. Therefore, Bayer Aspirin plays a primary role in reducing the death rate and increasing the life span of individuals and women aged above forty-five years.