Marketing Project

This positioning statement aims at ensuring that the discussed customer group's marketing activities are clear and consistent. I will follow the following steps below; first, choose the target audience group. In this case, I am targeting the women and Baby boomers. Second, I am developing a list of the audience needs that I am focused to meet. Third, I am manipulating the audience service benefits and requirements. That is what I want the target group to think about when they think about the service offered.  The next step I will examine this positing statement to ensure it depicts clarity, its consistent and clear. Finally, I get to the entire audience by frequently communicating the intended positioning message in all the activities done to the audience group.

The positioning ad entitled Bayer Aspirin TV commercial, cleaning Windows' settles on a person who cleans a window, and he compares the comfort and feeling felt after stepping off the skyscraper edge to arriving at Mars on a rocket. The pe

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