Marriage and Family/ Instructor Commentary

Marriage and Family/ Instructor Commentary

According to the Wodaabe community, one can get married at a very tender age but will still stay with their parents until they attain puberty then they will live with their partners. This, therefore, means that it will be difficult for one to choose their partners. However, some festivals involve men dressing up well and using make up to attract women. They will then dance, and women, including married ladies, can choose the one they like, and they can run off to the bush and spend some time together. They can, however, decide to get married to one another and this means that the man will give out a herd of cattle with some well-decorated household pieces of equipment. However, if one breaks up their marriage, they get to remain with the bride price which they can sell them in the market. The Wodaabe, therefore, shows how powerful women can be in the marriage and can break it off any time they find someone else. It highlights the little sign that a union has.

Why do people get married?

The main reason that the modern generation of Americans gets married is for sex and love (Welsch & Vivanco, pg.194). However, in the Wodaabe documentary, we found out that young children are wedded off at a young age but can later break off their marriage and marry the one they love.

How are technological changes re-shaping how people think about family?

There are new technologies of reproductions that are used by families’ nowadays to conceive. Some of these technologies involve the donation of sperms by strangers which are then used by women to get pregnant (Welsch & Vivanco, pg.197).

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