Marriage is a partnership between two partners that come together to form a lasting relationship. The partnership is in the form of a contract, and the two partners must have a common agenda of being in the relationship. The two partners must be adults for the partnership to be recognized by the law. There are different kinds of marriages, and the partners are the ones to choose which type of marriage relationship they want to have. The decision among the partners is respected even by the laws that are established to guide marriage between couples. There are different kinds of marriages that adults can choose depending on their preferences and cultural background.

According to the law, marriage is only allowed to be between two adults, different states have different age limits for one to be considered an adult. Also when the couples have performed a wedding or any other form of ceremony to form the marriage, they are given a certificate as a proof that the union is recognized by the law (Crossman, 2018). The community expects that when people become adults, they are expected to get married and form families. Those who don’t get married once they have become adults they are considered an outcast in society. It’s the norm for adults to get married and that the reason why they are seen as an outcast, people believe that such people have a problem that is making them not to be interested in getting partners that they can have relationships with and finally have families.

There are different reasons why adults choose to enter into relationships and eventually form marriages. Among the significant reasons is getting partners that they can work together and achieve the dreams that they have together (Stanton, 2018). Some adults choose partners that have certain skills that will help him or her in dealing with the challenges in achieving the goals that they want to achieve. In this case, the relationship might take a certain period of time until the goals that the partners wanted to achieve are met.  The contract form of marriage is common in western countries where couples enter a marriage contract that will last for a specific period. The couples can choose to renew the contract after the contract period is over. The contract marriage is increasingly becoming popular among young adults that are looking forward to getting married.

The other reason why couples get married is to have children and form marriages, the only way that one can have their own families is if they have their own families then they can be able to have children of their own. People want to have children of their own therefore they look for partners that they can bear children with (Stanton, 2018). Having children is a desire of many families so that the family members can inherit property they have once they pass. The couple will also have convenience in terms of sex if conveniently. Sex is a need that people cannot do without; therefore they need to look for partners that they can fulfill the sexual desires with. Over the recent past, there has been a change in terms of the sexual relations among people where people of the same sex are having sexual relations. This is an issue of concern because different cultures have different believes regarding the issue. Couples of the same sex are regarded as an outcast in society, and the people discriminate them because of their sexual orientation.

Young adults face various challenges once they get into relationships and finally get married. The challenges cannot avoid bearing in mind that the partners come from different backgrounds with different personalities (Stanton, 2018). The couples need to find a way of dealing with the challenges, or otherwise, the challenges will lead to divorce. Among the challenges that marriages face include different interests, where there is no common interest the marriage will not last because each individual will be working for their self-interests. The partners will not have a common goal that they need to work towards achieving.

The other challenge is pressure from the community that doesn’t recognize the marriage because of various reasons. The communities do not accept some marriages because of various reasons, and therefore the couples experience challenges in living in such communities. There are various reasons why communities might disapprove certain marriage (Smith, 2016). For instance, marriages formed by the LGBT communities, couples living in such communities experience challenges because the communities do not recognize such a marriage. The couples in such communities will be forced to migrate to where their marriages will be appreciated. If the couple chooses to continue living in such communities are highly likely to break up due to pressure from the community. Couples are members of the large community; therefore they will be affected by the people that they live with.

It’s advisable for adults to make their marriages formal for it to be legally recognized so that the parties involved can know that they have a legal obligation to abide by the terms of the contract. This helps in solving challenges that might come up when the couple is living together. Some conflicts are highly to occur in a marriage and therefore is the marriage is recognized by laws the challenge can be solved amicably.

The benefits of adults getting married are that they are able to work as a team in achieving the common goal. The partners bring different skills and knowledge together in the activities that they engage in; hence they become successful in whatever they do. Many people have become successful in life after getting married because they enjoy the support of their partners in activities that they do; hence they become successful. The partners must have a common goal that they want to achieve within a given period of time for the activities that they engage in to be successful. The partners must have a common goal that brings them together, and they work towards achieving the goal.

The adult development makes one responsible, and marriage is one of the responsibilities that they have although it’s optional. Adults that get married get social benefits because they are regarded to be responsible by taking care of their families including the kids that they have (Lisa Cole, 2018). The adults that become married they become hardworking because they have a responsibility; therefore, they will work hard towards achieving the responsibility. This brings development in the community because people are productive and hardworking in the activities that they engage in. the adults become hardworking because they know they have people that they need to care for.

There are several factors that make adults consider not getting married to form families. Among the factors include being reluctant that marriage will eliminate the freedom to do the activities that they love doing (Jacobson, 2017). Some people don’t like having responsibilities even after they become adults. Such adults cannot get married in order to avoid their responsibilities. The other factor that makes people reluctant to get married is that they want to do their things alone. In most instances why people do not want to get married is that they are affected by the upbringing that they had. In instances where they experienced challenges among their parents when growing up, they are likely to hate marriage.

Adults need to understand the commitment that they put themselves into before they get married; this will help in reducing the challenges that they are likely to face once they get married (Smith, 2016). When they know the challenges that they are likely to face, then they will put up mitigation measures to prevent the challenges from happening. The partners need to understand the dangers that come with marriage and the best way to handle the dangers. The partners probably have never got married before; therefore they are not familiar with such incidences.

In conclusion, marriage is part of adult development that many people get into; therefore they need to have the knowledge of how to deal with it. Adults have a choice to choose whether to get married or not. Adults need to be given the freedom to choose their partners that they want to get married into. Different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing partners and whether to get married or not. Adults also need to be guided on how to deal with various aspects in relation to marriage.


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