Marriott International

Marriott International hotels are among the most prestigious hotels in the world. The hotels’ strong reputation is associated with their employees who are committed to offering high-quality services to their customers. Commonly, hotels operate in unstable business environments. The Marriott workers therefore are challenged with circumstances which test their values, opinions, and understanding. The hotel’s reputation is built upon the employees’ action during such situations. For the success of Marriott International, the management has adopted various management strategies which attract more stakeholders such as employees and customers. This paper will focus on management strategies employed by the management team of Marriott international.

Marriott International is founded on the belief that every competitive business should value talented employees. Outstandingly, this increases competitive capacity in the hospitality industry. The business, therefore, invests more in human capital with the aim of more penetration into the international market. The firm also has well-trained recruitment personnel who ensure that the right employees are hired and deployed into various Marriott corporations. The management team is mandated to predict changes in the hospitality sector before recruiting new staffs. In response to their findings, they are to look for individuals who are better skilled and knowledgeable to fill vacant positions.

The firm has embraced new technologies for recruitment process with the aim of attracting the best employees. For instance, the firm advertises the vacant position in lifestyle magazines using eye-catching full-page ads, through dramatic graphics on outdoor billboards, humorous conversation in radio advertising etc. Such advertisement is costly, however, the main aim is to get the best workers who will promote the company’s brand, improve service delivery and significant gain from the business. Consequently, this will help to raise financial gain, increase customer loyalty, reputation and prestige.

Marriott International uses the following strategies to select their employees; campaigning for key jobs, potential candidates are offered some opportunity to express their expertise. The best candidate is appointed for the position advertised. The recruitment team also evaluates the cost of hire. An individual who is highly skilled but lower cost is considered since the firm aims at maximizing output while minimizing input. Therefore, the recruitment team has the capacity to choose the best employee.

The turnover rate in the hospitality sector is remarkably high. The firm, however, has set measures in place to ensure that their workers are retained for long. Certainly, this helps to exploit their potentials as well as raising their performance capacity. Employees at Marriott International receive training every year as a way of promoting human resource.The firm set aside $ 100 million per year as an employment package. High level of skills ensures smooth operation of machinery thus reducing workplace accident. The employment package also serves as a motivation to the employees and therefore, raising production capacity per worker.

Employees are motivated by high pay. Ordinarily, this implies that the employees are willing to quit from one job to the other in the search for better pay.  The management team, however, ensures that the employees are given a competitive wage.  In addition, workers are offered a favorableworking environment. Unlike other hospitality firms, the Marriott international value non-monetary issues such as leadership quality, work-life balance, and career development opportunities. The employees enjoy non-monetary services for personal development in terms of experience and skills. Team building also helps to create a close rapport amongst the workers thus improving their social welfare.

The company has a strong culture which significantly reduces the turnover rate within the firm.Workers are promoted from within the company. Training the employee helps them to improve their working capacity.Consequently, there are promoted based on their ability thus motivating them to work for long within the company. The firm’s senior staffs have been promoted from within and therefore, motivating the junior staff to remain focused and loyal to their employer. The employee would be less motivated when they have relevant qualifications to secure a senior position within the firm but an external employee is offered the opportunity. The employees are not referred to as workers but associates.Referring them to as associates is a way of recognizing their effort and contribution to the firm.

Workers are willing to be associated with the best brand in the market.Well branded products are not only attractive to the customers but also to the employees. Therefore, more people wish to operate within an international organization. Marriott’s employment brand has a strong and incomparable reputation. The firm’s CEO adopted a philosophy which states; ‘take care of the associate, the associates will take care of the guest, and the guest will come again and again’. The philosophy is an indication that everyone is entrusted with the role he/she plays within the hotel.The employees are passionate about their work and therefore, they are self-driven. Working under minimum supervision help raise employee morale, confidence, and trust.

Marriott International has an online platform where interested candidates apply for suitable jobs. The interview is also conducted online; potential employees are asked behavior related questions. For example, how did you handle a bad situation at your last job? Such a question would help to understand the candidate’s reaction to different clients. The online application helps to acquire an application from different parts of the world, and the best employee is awarded the position. However, the online process may not explain completely to the hiring manager the actual traits of the candidate.

Most of the employees are members of the Unite Here union. The labor union represents people in the hospitality industry and therefore, most of the employees except the management team are subscribed to the union. Workers have their rights to demand wage increment, safe working environment as well as advanced technology.The union is mandated to address the welfare of the workers thus ensuring that they are not exploited. The union is also mandated to resolve wage conflicts and negotiate with the employer on behalf of the employees. In 2018 September for instance, more than 8300 Marriott workers participated in a strike demanding for increased wages. The workers also demanded technical skills to enable them to work efficiently with new machines. The union also demanded compensation of injured workers. The union also claimed that the employees were supposed to be given one job which would sustain them instead of looking for extra jobs to supplement their earnings yet they are employed. The strike lasted for six weeks after which an agreement was reached thus solving the conflict between the management and the employees

Technical unemployment in the hospitality industry has significantly increased. Particularly, due to new technology and therefore, people with low technological understanding are sacked while skilled individuals are employed with the aim of generating more revenue as well as retaining the business’s competitive capacity.

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Training and development of staff

Staff training refers to a program which is aimed at equipping the employees with certain skills thus improving their performance in the recent role. Employee training and development comprises of three key activities which include; education, training, and development. Education is based upon jobs that an individual may hold in the future and is assessed upon such jobs. Training is based on the current job an individual holds and is also evaluated upon the same job. Development, on the other hand, focuses on the activities that the organization within which an individual is working in may partake in the future. Development is not easily evaluated. Training and development of staffs help a company to be competitive within a given industry.

In the traditional industrial sectors, employees were rated on reading, writing, and arithmetic. In the present world, the three skills are not enough and therefore extra effort has to be added so as to respond to technicaldevelopment. There is alsoa great change in social and economic settings.Employees, therefore, need to adopt critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, creativity and innovation and also communication. The employees are the greatest assets of a company since they help the business to achieve the set goals.

Marriott International is one of the most competitive companies in the hospitality industry around the globe. The firm’s strong reputation is linked to the well trained and highly skilled employees. According to CEO Bill Marriott, the company sets aside $100 million every year as an employment package. The money is allocated to the training of employees thus improving their performance capacity. Employees are also motivated to remain within the company for personal development and potential promotion opportunity. This paper will focus on the importance of employee training and development.

Companies should invest in employee development so that they can compete with their rivals in the market. Globalization and internationalization have increased consumer demand and therefore companies compete to win the largest market share within the international market. Businesses should, therefore, invest heavily in staff development to attract great employees who will add value to the enterprise. Employee turnover is also a key challenge, particularly to developing companies. Training employees, therefore, helps to build loyalty. Faithful workers are not susceptible to quitting. Employees are motivated to remain within the company since they are aware that the employer is willing to support their training. Training also increases the firm’s reputation.  The strong reputation serves as an asset since more employees are willing to seek employment within the enterprise. Customers would also be proud to be linked with a strong brand with a high reputation. Consequently, the firm’s reputation would affect the volume of sales.

Offering training would attract good people into the entity. Training serves as an incentive to the workers. Participation in conferences would offer a chance to potential employee interactions thus attracting them into a new company. Referrals by colleagues would also result in the attraction of high performers into the corporation. Additionally, training and development encourage the creation of promotable staffs. 50% of the managers of Marriott Internationalare promoted from within. Promoting staffs from within is beneficial to the firm since such employees are familiar with the day-to-day operation of the company. Marriott hotels are highly competitive within the hospitality industry since the management team is familiar with the business culture.

A solid training and development program will produce employees who are willing and ready for promotion. Promoting unwilling individuals would negatively impact the performance of an organization. The program should also create a pool of skilled employees. The critical aim of training employees is to improve skills knowledge of the employees. The program should also help the management team to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the workers. Training is an interactive process. The manager and other senior staffs should interact with their employees thus identifying their weaknesses and also their strengths. Remarkably, this will help the management to assign their employees to the positions where they fit best. As a result, this would increase productivity and total sales.

Competitive advantage is aprinciple of competitive strategy. Competitive advantage entails the capabilities, resources, decisions, and relationships which enable an enterprise to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace and avoid threats. Human resource is one of the key resources which allow enterprises to have a healthy competition. Intellectual capital is the source of competitive advantage. Thus capitalizing in training would help an organization to stand in a better position to compete with the rivals.

Staff training and development is also essential since the workers are kept engaged at work. According tobored workersare recipes for tragedy. Less occupied staffs create a negative attitude and sloppy work habits which in turn destroy the relationship with the customers as well as their colleagues. Conflict leads to poor performance hence reduced volume of sales and low customer loyalty. Trained employees will help in saving money for the company. Highly skilled personnel are competent and proficient. The number of defects from the system is significantly reduced thus increasing the number of outputs hence high sales.

Worker development is continuous and therefore the management has to focus in the future. Training and development program, therefore, forces the executive officers and the management team to keep an eye on the future progress of the firm. While the focus on the future of a business, it is important to have the following questions in mind, what kind of leadership do I need in the future? What are the future needs of the customers and the employees? And what changes are likely to occur in the industry in the future?

Training aids in increasing the value of an employee. Effective training will help to multi-skill or up-skill the workers. Up-skilling refers to the extension of the exiting skills thus producing more proficiency in the subject area. Multi-skilling refers to the training of the employees in a new discipline thus increasing their usability within the organization. Employees with different skill sets are able to perform various tasks. Through training, the firm is able to reduce recruitment costs since they are promoted from within the entity.


Marriott International is one of the leading companies in the hospitality industry in the world. The firm is characterized by a strong customer as well as employee loyalty. The entity embracesemployment of the most competitive candidateswho would help the enterpriseachieve its objectives. The firm has an internal recruitment team mandated to ensure that the best of the best are assigned the competitive position.

The firm has different strategies of attracting and ensuring that the best employees are selected. First, the firm has a strong advertisement campaign through lifestyle magazines, humorous radio advertisement, one on one interaction where potential candidates are assigned a task and their suitability evaluated.  The company also has a strong online platform where potential workers are able to interact with the employment officers by answering various questions as expected.

Marriott International uses its string reputation to attract new employees. Workers proudly associate with companies with the best name. They remain loyal and therefore increasing their production capacity. The firm also offers training to the employees thus improving their skills. The firm also endorses promotion from within thus serving as an enticement to both the senior and junior staffs.

Employee training and development is essential and paramount. Training and development entail three critical activities which include; education, training, and development. Training the workers would aid in adding their values in the firm.  Training also helps with both up-skilling and multi-skilling. Employee loyalty is also promoted through training and development thus reducing turnover rate.


Companies should endorse employee training. Notably, this would promote their competitive capacity within the international market. Employees are the most substantial assets of any given company and therefore, investing in worker training and development would boost performance, increase the volume of sales hence high revenues. Marriott International should focus more on creating strong customer and employee loyalty. The management team should emphasize promotion from within since employees who have worked within the familiar with the entity’s culture.

Continuous training of the employees leads to up-skilling and multi-skilling. The firm should, therefore, encourage training and empowering the workers thus helping workers tomulti-task. However, the concept of multitasking should not reflect on employee shortage. The firm should have enough employees thus avoiding too much work in progress. Too muchwork in progress would reduce staff productivity. Marriott international should also avoid instances of strikes and picketing. The firm should engage in a dialogue with the labor union; -Unite here union thus preventing significant losses which may impact negatively on the business. The firm should also retain the employment package, and not only focus on financial services. Consequently, the firm will maintain its competitive position and also reduce employee turnover.

Organizations should constrain their assets to training activity if the management is well convinced that the training is expected to positively impact on the company’s activities in the future. Training should, therefore, support the objectives of a company. For instance, the following should be achieved proficient production and distribution of commodities,better quality of products and efficient human relations.

Marriot international is a leading company in the hospitality sector; therefore, the firm has the capacity to purchase other competitors through mergers and acquisitions. The entity should alsosign strategic alliances with other firms with strong international market penetration power. Organizations should invest in human intellectual which is the basis of competitive advantage. Decision making is essential in any firm. Poor decision making would result in poor resource allocation, poor strategic implementation, and poor prioritization. Subsequently, this would result in poor performance and low output level. Incompetence would also result in conflicts within the workplace which may lead to low-quality products and workplace injuries.


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