In MATLAB, vectorization refers to the optimization of operations that take into account matrices and vectors.

Furthermore, in its performance, vectorized codes are associated with running much faster as compared to systems that contain loops. Notably, vectors and matrices are core to any MATLAB program. The efficiency of MATLAB is highly associated with its ability to incorporate the two; vectors and matrices. On the other hand, a repetitive structure is a control structure which usually generates a block of programming instructions. They function on the basis that a program is run repeatedly until the desired condition is met; on average, tasks are designed into a repetitive nature and there is only a small variation among various items.

Repetitive structures do depend on the programming language. For instance, procedural programming relies so highly on control structures.It is important to note that most of the programming languages are at times filled with control structures that are not even useful to them leading to performance overhead. It is against this background, therefore, that loops find a leeway for their execution of a block of statements repetitively until a specific condition is met. Interestingly, if for example, one wants to display a number from 1 to 100, the basic requirement is that you set a value of a variable to 1 and then have the display for 100 times. This exercise account for a loop iteration. It is therefore of importance to note that loops do repeat a specific block of code. An evaluation of the condition will generate two results; firstly, if it is true, then the body of the loop is executed whereas when it is false, then the body does not perform and it is jumped to the next statement.

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