Maturity Benchmarks

This topic relates to how individuals develop in the psychological perspective. The growth taking place comes in inform of stages. An individual has to actualize a lower benchmark before moving to a higher one. There is no way one can skip any of the steps. People first acquire less complex skills before they can acquire more complex skills. However, the topic does not seem to explain the standardization aspect used in the generation of these benchmarks. A good example is whereby two students in a class; one is very good when it comes to the written language while the other one is very good with regards to the spoken language. How would the maturity level of both students be assessed? While using the writing benchmark, one is favored, and the speaking benchmark also favors the other student.  Nonetheless, there is an indication that the environment that an individual is subjected to plays a huge role in that person’s maturity aspects. This explains why students in the same age bracket and learning in the same class tend to exhibit different maturity levels.

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