Max Weber and George Mead’s Theories

Max Weber and George Mead’s Theories

Marx Weber proposed the theory of authority as consisting of three types namely; charismatic, traditional and legal-rational. Charismatic authority points to an individual who possesses certain traits that make a leader extraordinary. Traditional authority indicates the presence of a dominant personality. Legal-rational authority is one that is grounded in clearly defined laws. All of these types of authority correspond to the instances of authority that have existed in the human society especially in the recent times. Bureaucracy is a system created where things are done in a particular manner in an organization and is designed to ensure efficiency and economic effectiveness. In bureaucracy, things are supposed to be done in a certain order and in most cases conflict arises when the order is breached. It is an ideal model for management and its administration to bring an organization’s power structure into focus. Authority, is thus a reflection of authority as it also lays down the rules, regulations and requirements of how things are supposed to be done just as authority set particular rules that are supposed to be followed. Authority figures could be viewed as Social constructions of reality as they are the ones who oversee the implementation of these rules and regulations dictated by authority. They are what the humans subjected under authority make sense of the rules they are subjected under in as far as authoritative rules and regulations are concerned.

When humans undertake a particular endeavor that is known and identifiable in a society with the intention to achieving a specific effect, it will be referred to as social action. Social action is seen as symbolic behavior and interaction is based on shared symbolic meanings which are learned during the process of socialization while rationality is the weighing of the pros and cons of a certain endeavor before pursuit for desired goal. Therefore in regards to Max Webber’s quote, social action is an action that will be undertaken after careful evaluation of the pros and cons of the endeavor. However, the action will be targeting the achievement of a particular effect. The role that the term “meaning” has in the understanding of Weber’s theory of social action is that it provides the subjective value of things to people and hence provide insight to the whole process being undertaken. The meaning gives the drive towards doing something. The role played by “clarity” in this understanding is that it depicts the motivation or reinforcement behind the endeavor while the term “normative expectations” refers to what shows the possible effects that the social action might bring if pursued.

According to Weber, a charismatic figure would be a figure who undertakes a particular endeavor and pursues it till the effect is achieved and in the process social learning by people who observe the action takes place. However, Mead would describe a charismatic figure differently. He would describe the figure as one who incorporates the social perspective and opinions into their own lives through social experiences and exalts it in a way it inspires devotion among the people. Mead would have addressed why many people seek out and wish to be controlled by these figures due to their strong social influences and their personality and self-image they portray when the people get an opportunity to interact with them. Mead’s quote states that these charismatic figures also have missions which are the social action which they pursue. Their success is dependent on the effect of such social actions of endeavors they chose to undertake. Moreover, their attraction to the people will depend of their journey in the pursuit of the effects. If these people recognize the journey they will retain recognition by showing the people what has been achieved or the step being undertaken in target of the final one. However, if these same people do not recognize that journey, their recognition collapses.

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