MBA Admission

I have for so long yearned to pursue an MBA program. My experience and undergraduate education have given me an avalanche of skills in business and consequently have ignited significant interests in all that pertains to business administration. Considering my interest and passion in the field of business, a graduate school that offers an MBA program is the only logical step to me in achieving my goals. At this stage of my life, I believe that an MBA program is vital since I aspire to get a broader understanding of business analytics and skills that are necessary to be successful in the corporate world. It will strengthen my knowledge of the global business contexts and provide me with various aspects of businesses and corporate issues as it deepens my understanding of management in an increasingly complex world of business.

I have always demonstrated an innate curiosity to understanding the principles and practices of management of organizations, businesses, and companies. Being a critical thinker, I believe that this program is the best for me. In addition, I am ambitious and well-motivated to put my mind even on the mundane and low-level issues that seemingly may look not worth but in the end turn to be of great importance to the business. More so, I am well organized. These are some of the characteristics that people have praised in me. I also pay attention to detail, and I believe that these strengths would augur well with an opportunity to study this program. So that I can satisfy my curiosity to succeed, I must pursue this program as it would provide me with possibilities in careers and expose me entirely to the many aspects of business management. I now look forward to the Committee of Admission to offer me an opportunity so that I can take the challenges and rigors of this program.

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