Media, health, and challenges in society

Media, health, and challenges in society

This lecture highlight significant issues that relate to the media, health, and challenges in society. However, it is rooted in understanding the problems associated with mental disorder. Furthermore, the lectures look at the ethical issues in the shows and movies and their impact on society. Besides, the lectures compare the media shows in the United States of America and those in Britain. The lecture further brings to light the problems of stigma as well as the need for social media campaigns on issues related to mental health. Furthermore, the lectures answer vital questions to the impact of social media on these campaigns as well as highlighting the limitations of social media campaigns. Besides, the lecture explores the themes of pop culture, the link between media representation and the public understanding, mental disorder and its relationship to gender as well as the creative process and how it addresses the mental disorder challenges.

I learned an array of issues from the lecture. The overall concept of how media, health, and challenges in society concerning mental disorder are addressed in society. Furthermore, I learned about the ethical issues and their impact on the community especially in attempting to address the mental disorder issue in the media. Besides, I learned about various genres of shows looking into the presentations from the US and those of Britain and looked at how they address the mental disorder challenge as well as their effect on the audience. I learned about the stigma associated with mental disorder and the celebrities who have talked about mental disorder. Listening to their views has made me get the effect of mental illness and the underlying importance of media on addressing the mental disorder issue in society.

Furthermore, I learned about the link between media representation of the mental disorder challenges and the people’s understanding of the message from the media. I learned about the problems associated with stigmatization and the social media campaign on the mental disorder challenges as well as the limitations of the same campaigns.  Besides, I learned about the link between mental disorder and gender, pop culture and beliefs as well as the creative process in addressing the mental disorder as a writer. The lecturer made me understand different perspectives in society that are essential in addressing the issue of mental disorder.

The lecturer utilized the constructivism and integrative technique during the lecture. First, the lecturer asked about the social experience and other prior experience on issues relating to media, health, and especially mental disorder challenges to make the learning active and social. Furthermore, the lecture utilized the integrative technique and connected interdisciplinary topics of health, and the media is looking at the mental disorder and its effects on society. Therefore, the lecturer was able to connect between the media and health challenges by using shows and movies as well as looking at the opinions of media celebrities about the mental disorder challenges. This made the lecture enjoyable and interactive.

The factors that influenced my evaluation included the oral presentation in class, peer or group assessment and project-based reports that I did relating to the lecture. Besides, my participation in the discourse influenced by evaluation especially in questions and answer areas on the lecture. Furthermore, my ability to be able to connect between media and health challenges in the society as well as knowing the various social trends relating to media and health especially mental disorder challenges influenced my evaluation. Finally, my ability to inquire and ask questions on grey areas I did not understand was influential in my assessment.