Media Kit: The Follow Me App

Media Kit: The Follow Me App


Introduction: What is the Follow Me App/Website

With the fast-moving economy in the twenty-first century, a majority of the population spends most of the time working and there is less time to prepare a homecooked meal. Balancing careers, social lives, as well as families, has become an almost impossible task particularly for mothers. Women are expected to advance their careers, take part in entrepreneurship and raise their children. It takes a lot of time, energy and resources to get a healthy meal on the table in the modern setting owing to various challenges. Therefore, there is a need for a solution to the problem of obtaining ready food, and this is where ‘Follow Me’ comes in. Most people want a simple homecooked meal and are tired of burgers, fast food, and fried diets;thus,online food ordering websites have become quite popular. Ideally, it is important to note that the food ordering and delivery business is not a new concept. However, with technology, the idea has grown into a big business since there is a huge market for food across the world. Technology has also made delivery faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Therefore, customers no longer have to wait for hours for the pizza guy to come to their doorstep. Besides, due to the growing number of food delivery websites, the customer has a wider range to choose from and the quality and efficiency of the industry is also improving on a day-to-day basis. It is important to note that online takeout is not only popular with the consumers but also with the restaurants who get to generate income from the deals. Besides, restaurants and catering enterprises are able to cut on costs relating to transport and delivery while still maintaining their client base. ‘Follow Me,’therefore, creates a win-win situation for all those involved in the business.

The website is designed to display all the information pertaining to a particular restaurant including their menu and locator map. Through the site, the customer can order food from a specific eatery that he/she likes and a preferred meal. Clients are also allowed to compare menus as well as scan and post reviews as they deem fit. Moreover, the user is at liberty to create a profile on the webpageto create a profile that contains the clients’ preferences. The app can then select restaurants that are near the userthus eliminating the cost of transportation for the user. The app contains an algorithm that mirrors the customers’ selections and applies the user’s history to formulate suggestions that are in line with the individual’s tastes and preferences. Ideally, the app is supposed to work in collaboration with the user to ensure that it is in sync with the needs of the client and can predict the individual’s future orders. Additionally, the app works with restaurants to help them identify potential clientele near their area. Furthermore, merchants use the website in the management of deliveries as well as the financial aspect of the business. The app also provides users with economic statistics, which go a long way in ensuring that the restaurants are able to tell their daily turnover as well as other data indicators.

Why Should Consumers Choose This App Over the Millions of Other Similar Apps in The Market?

Indeed, this is a legitimate question since there are so many other similar apps and websites in the space today. As already mentioned, the business of delivering foods has been around for an extended period even before the existence of mobile phones and the internet. Therefore, this is not a novel idea. However, Follow Me is an app that is suited specifically for easy, quick and straightforward meals which do not require a lot of preparation to put on the table. The app has the option of delivering half cooked meals which the user is then allowed to customize the rest of the meal according to individual tastes. On the other hand, one is allowed to order food which is ready to eat from the market place. The app is also smart in the sense that it can predict the user's preferences once it gets used to the user. The interaction between the user and the app allows the algorithm to gain familiarity with the needs of the client. Thus the app's algorithm can anticipate the customer's needs before they materialize. The feature is a beneficial aspect of the app since very many people are too busy to pay attention to basic needs such as food. If the customer is a regular, the app may remind him when to take a bite in the case that he/she forgets.

Besides, the app is particularly keen on ensuring that its users maintain a healthy diet. The app will suggest various meals that are healthy for the user. It is prudent for the user to indicate any allergies that he/she has as well as any food aversions. In the case that the user might have some disease or condition, the user is required to feed this information into the app to ensure that the app is able to stay up to date with the changing needs of the consumer. The fact that the company pays particular attention to the diet needs of specific companies shows that it is committed to the long-term welfare of the user.


The app is prudent when it comes to time specifications. Since it is designed for the middle-class demographics; people who are busy juggling work, family and social life, the issue of time is of paramount importance to the user. The app is careful to ensure that delivery does not exceed one hour regardless of whether there is a traffic jam or not. As a result, a motorcycle must be used in certain scenarios to save on time. Motorcycles are much faster than cars especially in cities where there is a lot of traffic jam. On that note, many of the deliveries are expected to be done using motorcycles.

Legwork Mode

The Legwork mode is the purchasing aspect of the business. The Fellow Me takeout app will carry out errands for you such as buying groceries, drugs as well as other necessities. This mode is supposed to primarily be of service to the restaurant end of the business as it may be difficult to keep all the accounts operational.

News Release

The diagram below shows the process that this particular business model follows. Ideally. The customer is at the center of the business and therefore, his needs dictate the manner in which the corporation will operate. The user is required to create a profile, and the more he uses the app, the more the app becomes familiar with him and his needs. Through the history of the user, the app is able to predict the future needs of the consumer. Indeed, this is what sets this app apart from all the rest that are already available in the market.




















How does One Order Food on the Website/App?

The process of ordering food is fast and easy because the app is designed primarily for the ordinary user of the internet. One does not need prior experience since there are no technicalities involved. The user is required to log in, and he/she may choose different options for breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on whatthey want to eat. The user will be required to select the meal of his/her choice and then proceed to add to cart. Otherwise, he/she should log out from the website. After ordering, it is expected that the company will take a maximum of one hour to deliver the food right to the user’s residence. The client is allowed to rate the delivery services of the app ranging from poor to excellent.













Figure 2:  Representation of the Process of Ordering food on the App

The app is expected to be popular among the working middle-class people since they have numerous engagements and may not have time to cook. The app is, therefore, designed to be easy and quick to use. The website uses Google’s API to showcase its location as well as the customer’s location. However, the user has the option of turning off the GPS on both his/her phone or computer if he/she is uncomfortable with sharing such personal information. Nonetheless, it is expected that the user will always have thePhone or computer GPSturned on to make delivery easier both for the company and the clients.

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