Media Strategy for Campaign Tactics

Media Strategy for Campaign Tactics

Every election and campaign process has its requirements for it to be a success. However, different election candidates employ important strategies that make them emerge victoriously. The tactics used depends on the candidate’s choice and preference, although social media has made it easier to reach many voters within a short period. Generally, the strategy should answer the candidate’s problem, vision or targets after a successful election. This paper focuses on discussing campaign strategy and tactics for a successful vote among campaigners.

Creation of Facebook Accounts

Different media platforms provide an excellent avenue for political candidates to reach many voters and express their views and interest in a given position. Hosting content on Facebook will attract many new voters because of the several apps that it has. According to Gasman(2017), voters will find an opportunity to interact with the candidate and express their views on the crucial issues that they need to be addressed by the candidate concern(Gasman, 2017). The use of Facebook will also help us reach all young voters who prefer using media platforms for social interactions as opposed to rallies and roadshow campaign. Additionally, Facebook is cost useful because it enables the candidate to make automatic responses within a short time but to a large population. Furthermore, the candidate’s pictures will be mounted on all the Facebook accounts to minimize any confusion upon Election Day.

Use of Twitter Handles

Twitter has for long been the best media strategy to reach many people at ago. This media platform will enable the candidate to send several occasional Tweets to his voters, promoting his competency and worthiness for the political position. Tweeter hashtags will be vital in categorizing the candidate’s content, goals as well as increase his visibility in the political arena (Gasman, 2017). Tweets will target young and middle age voters as well as civil servants who cannot reach public rallies and campaigns. Updates in tweets will keep the voters aware of the voting date and proper choice of the candidate on the same day.

Setting up Email Marketing

Apart from using a Facebook account and Tweeter hash-tags, email marketing is prudent for the candidate. Sending emails newsletter is cheap as reaches many voters at ago. According to Burtonet at. (2015), sign-up forms in the email website will make it easier to captures all emails from the supporters as well as allow others to join, thus increasing the number of possible voters who will be convinced with regular blast messages in their addresses (Burton et at., 2015). The candidate’s renders and branding that matches the candidates will be built on the email templates to promote visual engagement and familiarity.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram takeovers will help the candidate to harness his influencer power while siphoning off some audience who are not crucial for election success. The left place will be used to add new members to increase the number of possible voters (Jaffrelot, 2015). Takeovers help in obtaining ready-to-engage followers who can accept one’s opinions thereby expanding the campaign scope.

In conclusion, the campaign is an organized and purposeful effort to create change within a given political set up and requires a thoughtful and guidance to make it a success. Before taking actions concerning one’s area of interest in the vacant seats, all successful campaigners should be aware of all existing situations that may influence their success. Similarly, the candidate must know the changes that are necessary to improve the case as well as the tools, tactics, and resources available to implement a meaningful campaign strategy. This knowledge helps election candidates to create comprehensive plans to guide them in monitoring, marketing, planning, implementing, improving and evaluating their campaign processes. Overall, social media provides insightful avenues where campaign candidates can exploit their prowess in attracting many voters.




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