Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to a situation whereby individuals living in one country travel to another to seek healthcare services. I think that as a healthcare delivery system, this industry will benefit many people from wealthy countries who seek healthcare services that are less expensive. Similarly, this new industry is a bad business for hospitals in the United States. The industry offers a competitive environment on a global scale. The competitive environment that the US healthcare provider should consider when entering this market include the following. First, the US healthcare provider should consider the cost of administering healthcare services. Modern tourism is an ideal healthcare delivery system because it offers healthcare services at reduced costs. Due to the rising healthcare costs, patients are forced to search for different ways they could reduce their expenses and still receive medical services they require. Second, should consider the quality of services to deliver. Similarly, medical tourism allows people to get superior healthcare services that they might be lacking in their home country. By using state-of-the-art medical technology, healthcare providers will have a competitive advantage over others.


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