Meditation or the feeling of being in a tranquil mindfulness state of mind is merely the capability of giving attention to happenings of the moment. By not being condemnatory, meditation often requires some optimism. As such, it makes a person have an urge of that feeling to the sensation and to take a close observance on situations of the moment. Breath, in the inhalation process, takes consideration of a concentration aspect for the individual (Talks and Ariel). The emphasis on the rates of every breath enables an individual to familiarize with the tendency of the mind of ever-transitioning from one idea to another.

The modest censure of being able to concentrate on the actual occurrences brings aboard all the splendidness of the experience. Thus, meditation defines itself as a technique of establishing mindfulness, as well as the knack of sensational awareness and alertness. During a body scan meditation, whatever one performs with his/her mindfulness is the actual meditation itself (Talks and Ariel). So long as the current happenings are at liberty from any other disturbance to the mind, it is still believed that active meditation takes the first consideration.

It is a better acknowledging the fact that meditation is more of a way of life and not a technique as many people believe. For example, during the thought processing stage of the mind, meditation takes the form of a cessation aspect. It further defines the consciousness state of mind as being a space of diverse perceptions and arrangements (Talks and Ariel). The process also involves the person’s indulgence in training the mind by promoting a consciousness thinking about society. Generally, meditation tends to delineate to a broad spectrum of practices that entails techniques whose designs influence relaxation. It also prompts the development of compassion, generosity, and being humble to others.


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