Medstar Risk Assessment Plan

Annotated Bibliography

This article talks about the struggles that Medstar go through regarding computer hacking crisis. According to the author, cases of computer virus has forced doctors to change the way they handle Medstar systems and patient information. The author asserts that doctors have moved back to using outdated technology that include pen and paper to record health care data instead of using pixels. The shut-down of the data network posed a challenge to the 800-bed Medstar hospital. The hospital relied on the computer networks for clinical care, training, billing, communication and research. The author argues that the management of Medstar hospitals feared the loss of digital files since the operations of the facility depend most on compute technology.

This article seeks to examine the leadership changes at UnitedHealthcare and Optum. Effective leadership is an essential component of the organization. The shuffle of the management by the UnitedHealth Group is an indication of good governance. According to the author, organization should engage in such changes if they want to acquire market shares and enhance their growth. Stephen Hemsley, the CEO of UnitedHealth Group believe that reshuffling of the management brings new focus and energy to the leadership team thus enabling the organization to avoid certain risks. Moreover, the reason for changes in an organization is to broaden the experience of the team.

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