Mental Health System

The mental health system is an integral part of the healthcare system that is involved in the care of people with psychological problems. The mental health system involves facilities and personnel who are licensed to provide psychiatric care amidst a rise in the number of people with mental issues in the United States (Lake and Turner). This paper will assess the state of the United States mental healthcare system and provide a recommendation of a healthcare program that can help to resolve the current problems facing the care system.

Current State of US Mental Healthcare System

The recent shootings in schools and violence depict the dilapidated state of the American mental health system which has failed to meet the high demand for mental healthcare demand. There are less mental health practitioners compared to the need for the services mainly because of lack of government funding (Lake and Turner).The remaining mental health facilities are very costly which lefts many people with no option but to live with their mental health condition. The broken mental healthcare system has resulted to increased violence in the society today, high homelessness, suicide, school dropout, job losses and even incarceration with a high percentage of the population being on incarceration due to the inability to access care (Lake and Turner).Research has found out that people with mental problems such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia live on average less than other people

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