“A message written in blood- British poet takes on Islamic State”

“A message written in blood- British poet takes on Islamic State”

Over the years, terrorism has become a very complex topic. This is based on how different people view it, and their understanding thereof. Explanations of terrorism might be biased based on social prejudice and political assumptions. This aspect might be among the reasons why people have contrasting opinions regarding the issue. Various experts and policy makers have shown their contrasting views with regards to the theoretical perspectives involved. Several theories have been devised in an attempt of trying to explain this concept. As a result, most people feel puzzled, unsure, confused, baffled and lost while studying terrorism. The aspect affects even the most educated individuals in the society. They all seem to have various points of dispute. The purpose of this paper is to examine an article related to terrorism. Through the assessment, various points of dispute regarding terrorism will be under consideration. The theories of mass media and theories of terrorism will be tested in the assessment of the article.

The article involved in this case is “A message written in blood- British poet takes on Islamic State”. It is an article derived from the MIDDLE EAST EYE website. It revolves around the 23-year-old Sana; who is a journalism graduate raised in West London and was born in Yemen. It is based on a poem that she recited and uploaded the video on YouTube. The poem is more of an attack on the militant group that had occupied parts of Iraq and Syria. It comes out as words of someone who feels that their culture is being eroded by people using it for their own good. She feels that there is a loss of identity based on how the people are being manipulated in light of religion to commit atrocities towards other people.

In this article, terrorism has been presented with regards to the theories of terrorism. This is based on the points of dispute that exist among people from different backgrounds. The article mentions that the Islamic State (IS) tends to induce fear and hysteria in its quest to fulfill its objectives. This is for both the people in the Middle East and those in the West (Finn 1). This might create an explanation why some people get recruited in these groups even when they did not seem to fit in. The aspect of fear might make someone become part of something that they did not want to if it is the only thing that makes them feel safe at the moment. By joining the group, people might feel that their families are safe, and hence, there is little to worry about. In the process, they become absorbed in with the dealings of this group, and find themselves at the helm of most terrorism acts.

The fear created for the people in the West is demonstrated in a different way. It is likely to cause an atmosphere of panic among the people. At times, there is the feeling of helplessness from the public due to the fear of what might come around. The media does not contribute a lot in eliminating this fear. This is because it acts in the exact way that the terrorists want; to spread the devastating news. Terrorists are aware of the fact that bad news sells and they are usually sure that the media outlets would help them in creating fear among the people based on how they report. Sometimes the psychological torture is sufficient even in the absence of the psychical torture. The terrorists are normally working with the idea that even if they kill one individual, the aspect would frighten like ten thousand people. The main objective here is modifying the public’s and the enemy’s behavior.

Another point of dispute that is preval

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