Metamorphosis by Kafka

Metamorphosis by Kafka

Gregor Samsa was a salesman who traveled a lot. Gregor’s pay was meager as compared to other salespeople from different companies which prompted him to continue living with his parents. He worked hard to fend for his family. One fateful morning, Gregor woke up transformed into a horrible vermin. The metamorphosis interfered with his casual morning making him wake up late and fail to report to his workplace. The situation made Gregor’s mother come upstairs to wake Gregor only to get the response that he was getting ready (Kafka 1). Gregor’s response seemed unusual to his father and sister. He was keen to ensure that he kept them calm through his answers and ensured that his metamorphosis did not worry his family members before they could see him. Gregor’s relationship with his family members was partially affected by the transformation because they showed support and looked for doctors to address Gregor’s condition.

Gregor was the breadwinner for his family. Gregor Samsa dreaded his remuneration as it was very little to take care of his needs and those of the family. However, he could not complain to the employer as he thought it would make the employer fire him. At the end of the contract agreement between Gregor’s parents and the employer, Gregor exclaimed that he would complain about the little pay as he would have no liabilities at the time that would make him continue working as a salesman under the poor conditions. As such, it is evident that Gregor had a strong relationship with his parents which compelled him to keep working as a salesman to provide for his family (Kafka 1). After the transformation, parents used the little savings they had to take care of his treatment meaning that the relationship between Gregor and the parents did not break after the metamorphosis.

Gregor and his sister had strong ties as portrayed by the scenario when Anna insisted that Gregor was sick by just listening to his voice. Anna and Gregor had a strong relationship which made her understand that Gregor was unwell before he could even open the door. Anna also insisted that her mother should call a doctor since she had a feeling that Gregor was ill is evidence of the strong bond between Gregor and his sister. Even after Gregor’s metamorphosis, his sister was able to cope with the situation and had no difficulties visiting his brother in his room (Kafka 3). Although Gregor’s parents and sister were all shocked by the transformation at first, Anna got used to the situation and could visit his brother often.

It is crucial to note that there were mixed reactions even though the family showed support after the transformation. After Gregor’s metamorphosis, the family sought to use the savings they had to seek treatment for Gregor Samsa. The consideration that Gregor was the breadwinner and could no longer work affected the daily routines of the family. It was common before the metamorphosis that the family would stay together in the evenings; a trend that stopped after Gregor’s transformation. Everyone in the families busied themselves as there was no happiness when Gregor was vermin. After a long time of seeking treatment for Gregor with no avail, the family became weary of taking care of Gregor whom they eventually perceived to be a monster (Kafka 29). Therefore, the support and treatment interventions with no avail negatively affected the relationship between Gregor and his family.

Gregor’s sister was the first to become weary of caring for his brother. Since there was no cure, Gregor’s sister Anna felt that the vermin Gregor was no longer is a brother but a monster. She cautioned his parents of continuing to provide care for the monster with no positive results of healing. Treatment to no avail made the family remain with the option of getting rid of the monster. Gregor’s parents had made a lot of consultations with no hope for a cure which made them weary of providing care as they felt that they were not near to finding any solution (Kafka 30). Although the sister had somehow convinced herself that her brother would get well, she eventually concluded that her brother was a monster they had been taking care of and that his brother had been long gone.

Gregor Samsa had been pivotal in providing for the needs of his family; sister and parents. Gregor’s metamorphosis occurred overnight and as a surprise to the family. After Gregor transformed into a horrible vermin, things took a turn in the family and days never seemed to be the same as before when Gregor was working. At first, the family members continued to portray a strong relationship with the Gregor by seeking treatment with the hope that the condition would go away. After reality dawned on Gregory’ parents and sister that there was no hope for cure, the parents and sister became weary of caring for Gregor and were very unhappy. They remained with the option for getting rid of the monster as they did not see Gregor as a son or a brother.

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