Methods and Selection Rules


Methods refer to a systematic sequence of actions that describe how to achieve goals with accuracy and efficiency. Precisely, a method entails internalized algorithm that portrays the prescribed practices that are necessary to accomplish goals. For instance, the method that would be useful to accomplish the goal of finding grocery item includes the following. Move the mouse to choose the language you are proficient with and click on the language button. After deciding on the item, you would like to search, type the item in the search field and click the Enter button. Take a decision on the milk brand and click on the image that will pop up. If yes, then you will have to go to the specific department and aisle location. If no, then you will have to click the back button. In case you need help, you can click on the question mark button.

Selection Rules

Selection rules in this context provide the user with a particular method that will satisfy the goal set. The user might have varied means of attaining the goal; however, selection rules exhibit the method that the user should apply to accomplish the desired goal. When finding a grocery item, there is no selection rule, but when your item is in search, there are different options you can use. First, the selection rule for the goal to retrieve price on an item is that if the price is greater than users liking, then move the mouse and click on the back button. Second, the selection rule for the goal to quick search is that if the item you are searching is not in search results, then you should click on the help button. Third, the selection rule for the goal to department and aisle location is that if the department and aisle location are unknown to the user, then you should click on the store layout map.


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