Micro Bytes Fast Foods

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Healthy fast food outlets are increasing over time

A lot of people are turning into healthy eating due to health and fitness concerns

A healthy fast food outlet offers healthy quick fix solutions to individuals.

A lot of people have been enlightened about the benefits of healthy eating.

Healthy eating is paramount for a healthy and disease free society


Fast food is any form of sustenance from an eatery that is fast, appropriate, affordable and typically modest. Fast food is in most cases high in fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium in contrast with home food. However, the emergence of healthy fast food outlets has changed this narrative (Bleich, Wolfson, Jarlenski & Block, 2015). Healthy fast foods outlets provide healthy solutions to individuals seeking quick-fix food. These new ventures are growing at a rapid rate across the world mainly because a lot of people are gaining knowledge on the importance of healthy eating. In this study, we shall focus on Micro Bytes Fast Foods venture.


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Importance of healthy fast foods

Enhances general well-being of an individual

More natural way to a healthy lifestyle

Saves time at the same time offering healthy food

Convenient for individuals with a busy schedule.

Keeps lifestyle diseases at bar


The daily food choices that an individual makes influence their general well-being both at the moment and in future. Together with other fitness activities, a healthy diet can aid an individual to maintain the right weight and reduce the danger of lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disorders among others, a healthy diet enhances general well-being. Healthy fast foods are the new methods of achieving healthy diets more conveniently. They save time as they are easy to fix and therefore an appropriate way to healthy living (Bleich, Wolfson, Jarlenski & Block, 2015).


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About Micro bytes

A healthy fast food outlet

Limited seating and free Wi-Fi available for clients

Offering both snacks and foods

Balanced food choices including variety to choose from

Calorie control


Micro bytes will mainly focus on offering fast, healthy meals to individuals. The principal focus of this venture is majorly healthy and convenient food at an affordable rate. Clients will also free Wi-Fi and limited seating upon ordering (DiPietro, Roseman & Ashley, 2006). Micro bytes will offer both food and healthy snacks; the meals must be balanced incorporating the right proportions of each category. No processed food will be provided by Micro bytes. The snacks will also follow the same criteria as the focus is mainly on providing a healthy diet to the clients.

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Company Competition

Micro bytes SWOT analysis will be useful in the following ways

Aid in understanding the business better

Address the business weaknesses

Aid in developing strategies to deter identified threats

Take advantage of the opportunities and strengths


The SWOT analysis is a vital planning procedure used to support an individual or association recognise strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats identified with business rivalry or venture planning. SWOT becomes more useful in that, with a little idea, it can reveal opportunities that a business venture can exploit. By mastering the weaknesses of a business, one can identify dispense threats that would be harmful to a business (Hsu, Chang & Lin, 2016). Additionally, by comparing a business at its rivals using the SWOT system, it is possible to come up with a methodology that aids the company differentiate itself from its competitors, with the goal that the business can compete effectively in the market.


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Micro bytes Business Strengths

Offers strictly healthy food

Quick to prepare food.

Wide market target

Exploring New Markets

Micro bytes has analysed the market well and settled on some factors that the business plans to prioritize on to enable it to maximize on its strengths thus downplaying on the weaknesses. The business offers strictly healthy food; this will allow Micro bytes to stand out in the competitive market (DiPietro, Roseman & Ashley, 2006). The fact that the meals offered are quick to prepare enables the business to attract more customers as the majority of the people are in busy schedules that don’t allow them to wait long for their meals to be prepared. Micro bytes also has the advantage of assessing a wide market since few outlets are serving strictly healthy food at an affordable price, this gives the business a broad market scope that is likely to enhance the profitability levels. It is as well exploiting new markets in areas that have not been capitalized before, and this gives the business a competitive advantage.

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Micro bytes Business weaknesses

Limited product availability




By offering healthy food at affordable prices, Micro bytes is likely to have a limited product line since the majority of fast food are unhealthy and not accessible, this means that the outlet may have only a few items on its menu. Most of the healthy food too requires ingredients that are highly priced, the organization aims at offering affordable meals, and this may not come in quickly when expensive components are used.


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Few healthy outlets in the market

The available healthy outlets are costly

Newmarket target of low-income earners

New market opportunities in regions not exploited by the competitors

The target market that is highly populated (includes low-income earners, students and working-class individuals on a busy schedule)


Micro bytes has identified that there are only a few healthy food eateries, the few eateries also offer non-healthy meals and therefore making it hard for clients to make a choice. Micro bytes has focused on purely healthy food and this is likely to boost the business since it is an area that other businesses have not exploited by other businesses. Micro bytes has also taken advantage of the fact that most outlets are expensive and therefore target middle and high-income earners, Micro bytes will offer healthy food at affordable prices and this way it will be able to serve low-income earners. It will also establish outlets in regions that have not been exploited by its competitors making it the sole healthy fast food outlet. The target market includes the low-income earners, students and working class; this group has a vast populace hence a broad market for Micro bytes.


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Business Threats

Improvements in innovation may change the market beyond Micro bytes capability to adjust.


A little change by the competitors may clear out any market position Micro bytes accomplish.


With the rapid and continuous advances in technology, it is highly probable that innovations will be witnessed in this field, this threatens the business since the technological advances may change the market and business operations beyond Micro bytes ability to adapt. Such changes are swift and tend to influence the needs and desires of the consumers. The available competitors may also make changes in an effort to fight Micro bytes, due to their market dominance, the moves they make may drive Micro bytes out of the market.


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Market Segmentation

Demographic segmentation: low-income earners

Psychographic: Individuals seeking healthy eating habits

Behavioural: Individuals unable to prepare their meals due to various reasons

Geographic segmentation: Areas not accessed by competitors


Majority of people desire to engage in healthy food; however, this may not be possible for them because they cannot afford the available options (Baker, 2014). This results in only a few individuals accessing healthy meals. Low-income earners are left out without a choice; our product is geared at ensuring this group of individuals have access to healthy foods at an affordable price. With the rise of chronic illnesses, a lot of individuals are turning into healthy eating habits; our product aims at meeting this group of individuals. The other segment is the group of individuals looking for healthy fast foods due to their busy schedules and other related reasons; this group includes students and working-class individuals.

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Target Customers

Our product targets the following customers

Low-income earners interested in healthy food

Individuals in new markets

Individuals in need of fast, healthy foods

People seeking healthy food options


Our product targets low-income individuals whose needs for healthy food has not been met by other food eateries due to the issue of affordability. Such individuals are most in low-income regions. Micro byte will target such markets and establish an outlet there (DiPietro, Roseman & Ashley, 2006). We will as well focus on individuals who need healthy food but have no time to wait long for their orders to be made, our product will provide healthy fast foods, and therefore they do not have to worry about time. All individuals seeking healthy food options will be the target in our product launch.


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Product Positioning

Pricing methods

Online advertising


Superior quality

For positioning our product, the primary tool that we will use is the pricing methods. Our prices will be affordable and lower than the prices offered by our competitors. This will ensure we win a higher market share (Hsu, Chang & Lin, 2016). We will also use online platforms to advertise and market our products. We also aim at incorporating promotion methods such as frequent offers in order to persuade more clients to buy our product, we shall as well ensure our product quality is not compromised as high-quality products will automatically market our product.


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Application of 4P’s of Marketing

Affordable price

High quality (healthy) product.

Promotion methods include giving offers on products and online advertising

Avail our products to the place needed for instance areas habited by low-income earners


The application of a marketing mix is a fantastic method to help guarantee that setting the correct item in the opportune place… will occur. The marketing mix is a crucial instrument to help comprehend what the item or service can give and how to anticipate an effective item. The marketing mix is most often implemented through the 4 P’s of marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place (Baker, 2014).

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Other strategies

Focusing on customer perceptions

Brand recognition such that a customer can identify our product in a crowded market.

Making our product convenient

Excellent customer service

Market research to investigate any changes in market conditions


Marketing is superficially characterized as ‘putting the correct item in the perfect place, at the correct price, at the opportune time.’ Though this seems like a simple suggestion, it requires diligent work and research (Rana & Paul, 2017). Also, if even one component is missing the goal, a promising item or service can be unsuccessful and end up costing the organization significantly. It is therefore vital to analyze the market thoroughly before launching a product


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Customer Lifetime Value

Building customer loyalty through consistent quality

Understanding the customers better

Rewarding customers

Utilizing every opportunity to offer value to customers

Advancing communication channels


Developing better interactions is the way to client retention. Setting up deeper relationships with clients is the essential driver of repeat clients. Our firm will focus on learning new things about what our clients would like to have and work on any proposed improvements in order to ensure we retain our customer base and even increase it significantly (Hsu, Chang & Lin, 2016).


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A healthy fast food eatery is a brilliant business idea

Analyzing the market conditions is vital for the success of this business

A SWOT analysis will guide the business into its operations

It is essential for the business to develop strategies on how to cope in the market

Customer retention guarantees the success of a business


A thorough analysis reveals that our business idea is likely to be successful in the market. Positioning our product well in the market will ensure that our product gains a larger market share, analyzing the market is also vital in establishing ant practices that need to be incorporated for a successful business.




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