Milestone Essay

Every business student has that one event that shaped their desire for entrepreneurship and a career in business. I am no exception and the onset of entrepreneurial skills in my life was spurred by a number of events across my lifetime. In fact, my skill set was developed at a very early age owing to my overzealous nature and desire to be in control of things. In this respect, I have in the boast managed a number of entrepreneurial ventures that have honed my skills even further. Today, I can proudly boast of having a combination of skills and experience to succeed in the business field. Still, my knowledge, gained from both school and life, has taught me that success is only guaranteed in modern economies when one has better education. In view of this fact, I wish to pursue a degree course in business and thus better my chances of career growth. Ultimately, the different events that occurred in my life had the combined and net effect of shaping my success in business.

My main drive in the pursuit of business success can be tracked from my mastery of business principles coupled with the interest in practicality of business. This has not been an inborn aspect of life but a culmination of different events in my life. In my early days, as a fifteen year old, I managed to successfully organize a talent show with limited resources. While some may call this luck, I believe it is the result of hard work and better mastery of management because the event happens every year to date. The continuity of this event every year and the commitment to charitable event qualify me as a possible candidate of success. I have since been involved ion several charitable events aimed at raising money for the poor in countries such as Uganda. My mobilization skills as well as ability to utilize limited resources successfully are something that I hold in high esteem.

To a large extent, the success attained in developing my business skills is largely attributed to the person that I am. From an early age, I trained myself on the importance of putting personal ideas into practice through different initiatives and with minimal resources. However, this has not been without challenges especially since people considered me to be too young to venture into business management. Consequently, the transformation of dreams and thoughts into realities is not an easy task and this is an axiom only known too well. However, my personal commitment to persistence, positivity, resistance, passion and self confidence has eased the burden of sailing through the challenges. Ultimately, this process of personal development has shaped me into a passionate leader who enjoys the derivation of reality from simple and complex business ideas.

With personal growth in age, I also grew in the way I viewed things transforming into a person who view opportunities in all challenges. Age did not only sharpen my skills in business but continued to grow my understanding of the real business world. Upon attaining the legal age of eighteen years, I developed myself through websites and articles in the internet. The Times, Entrepreneur as well as Forbes were my favorite clicks from where I gained insights of the global economy. Through this venture, I mastered the latest trends in international business while updating my knowledge of the global economy and especially the electronics industry. In addition, I believe am on the right track to becoming a successful business leader owing to my dynamic personality. The hunger for success coupled with the lack of content in life pushes me to find channels of bettering my skill set through pursuit of challenging jobs and projects.

Although I have gained most of my skills from learning, I have also been involved in the management of personal businesses over a long period of time. This in itself is a manifestation of the hunger in me to succeed in business and develop my brand from a very young age. This hunger partly results from the passing on of my father and sister at a critical stage in my life. Imperial Entertainment has been under my management for the last three years with a cumulated capacity of holding sixteen successful events so far. In one event, I was able to raise well over £20,000 to support more than 1000 attendants. Most of the events have been graced by international acts making the company one of the best in Brighton. The cumulated business experience that I have motivates me to apply for degree course in this university.



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