Military Acronyms


One of the biggest shocks for civilians working for the military is the heavy reliance and use of acronyms in the military.The military makes use of abbreviations and acronyms for the purposes of simplicity, brevity and clarity in writing operational instructions, operational and administrative orders, and signal messaging. This paper presents some military acronyms that I foundvaluable and interesting.

Military Acronyms

CCP: this acronym stands for Casualty Collection Point. These are points where the wounded are collected after an attack. Litter teams will bring the injured to the collection points where medics work on them. They are rally points for those requiring medical attention. CCPs are critical tools in triage and treatment during mass casualty events. These points are importantfor the reason that they have the ability to offer immediate care and intervention to wounded soldiers, provide a more uniform distribution of casualties, and decrease transport times allowing units to return for more patients.

BCG’s: they stand forBasic Combat Glasses a.k.a. Birth Control Glasses. They area nickname given to military issued glasses that are not veryunfashionable and passé. It is an acronym in military circles that denotes to large, blocky glasses that arepassedto military personnel who are in need of corrective lenses. They are big and brown glasses that are issued to recruits who wear corrective lenses. They are referred to asBirth Control Glassesfor the reason that they look nerdy and ugly as to discourage potential mates.

ASVAB: This is an acronym common in military spheres that stand for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Batter. It stands for a multi-aptitude test maintained by the Department of Defense that tests four areas. These being:Mathematics Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension andWord Knowledge. An individuals’ score determines how he/she qualifies for certain Military Occupational Specialties.

HUA or HOOAH: this is one of the most widely used military acronyms. It is among the first acronyms that one hears as they arrive at Basic Training. It is used to indicate an affirmative or a pleased response. It refers to or means anything except “No”. The term is a statementof motivation, high morale, spirit and confidence.



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