Mini Review Paper

Title of the study

The title of the article is “Comparative Efficacy of the Picture Exchange Communication System(PECS) versus a Speech-Generating Device: Effects on Social-communicative Skills and Speech Development”. The article has a publication date of 2013 written by Miriam Boesch, Oliver Wendt, Anu Subramanian and Ning Hsu.



The problem is identified as the significant deficits among autism children regarding their social interaction skills. For instance, they lack eye contact and do not respond when their names are called out. The problem is occasioned by the incidence of autism and its negative effects on natural speech as well as social communicative skills. Answering the problem is important since it will help in identifying ways that the deficits being experienced by the children can be corrected.


Research Purpose and Question

The purpose of the research was to compare the efficacy of Speech Generating Device with that of Picture Exchange Communication Systems. Further, the research intended to identify the effects of the two approaches on speech development and social communicative skills among children with autism. The research question was cited as: What are the comparative effects of PECS versus SGD on enhancing (a) social-communicative behavior (i.e., eye contact, smiling, and physical orientation, and (b) natural speech production (Boesch et al., 2013)?


Research Methods

The research used three participants who had all scored in the severe range of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale. The researchers conducted a language assessment of the three participants. The choice of the participants was such tha

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