Minority Rule

Minority rule refers to a government system whereby the governing or the ruling party only has a small proportion of representatives in the entire population. Dictatorship, monarchy, as well as communism, are examples of minority forms of ruling in the political system. In the case of a democratic government, the minority rights are as well essential and required like the majority rights (Thomas, Barbara and Edmond 417). This equality in rights has slowly turned the minority population to be superior in ruling over the majority population. Countries like Romania have spent most of their years under minority rule (Strøm and Charles 114). Minority rule, however, is not only exhibited by the political systems, but also in distinct populations. It may be in the forms of race, gender, and even ethnic groups. In most instances, it is a type of rule that arises when the minority tends to possess significant influence and power over the majority population. The cases of minority rule in most cases become more rampant and common when the small representatives of the population receive the empowerment. Once empowered, they discover themselves and know their rights.

Common examples of groups that exhibit minority ruling include the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), extreme feminism cases as well as the African American. Looking back, these groups were victims of discrimination which made them the inferior population in the entire world. Like in the cases of the African Americans, they were victims of racial discrimination right from the colonial period and did not have a voice. The experience they had under colonialism made the inferior very. Africans initially were not considered competent enough in ruling (Thomas, Barbara and Edmond 420). However, after recent empowerment, they have risen and are now increasing in population and are dominant in most of the US states. The Gay rights as for the LGBT case has made them grow in population as well and have even come up with movements supporting them. The formation of these movements have made it difficult to discriminate these groups, which thus has made them possess great influence in the overall population


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