Mission and Vision Statements Comparisons

Companies summarize their objectives and goals in vision and mission statements. Both mission and vision statements serve different purposes for an organization but are usually confused with each other (Remvig, 2010).  A vision statement outline what an organization wants to be in the future while a mission statement describes what an organization plan to do at the moment. A mission statement focuses on the present; it defines critical processes, customers and informs the company about the desired [performance level. On the other hand, a vision statement concentrates on the future; it is a motivation and inspiration source.  In most cases, it describes the future of the company, industry, and society where the organization plans to effect change (Remvig, 2010).

A mission statement describes the objective of the company as well as its approach to attain those objectives. Hence, a mission statement is the company goals that are to be achieved.  Mission statement, unlike vision statement, reflects every aspect of the organization that is customers, employees, services, products, quality, technology, survival and market position.  A vision statement is a short statement depicting the aspiration of the company for the organization future position (Kefer, 2014). The vision statement stipulates the future values and goals of a company and does not change with time passage. A vision statement is useful for the organization to set out specific goals and objectives.  A vision statement is majorly developed for workers to achieve the objectives in a specified time. A vision statement is normally created for workers to enable them to understand the actual goal of the organization and work toward achieving it (Kefer, 2014).

The organizations can re-evaluate their mission and vision statements only if they changing their focus completely, or else there is no need to change the mission and vision statement. It can also be a change of the vision and mission statement is not clear or concise and if the mission and vision fail to reflect significant changes within the organization. With a gradual evolving of accompany or organization, the company might include additional element into its vision or mission statement. This might include expanding the audience or building on the current goals.

Name of the Organization Mission Statement Vision Statement Core Values
Albany Med



Committed to achieving the highest quality standard of care, education as well as research initiatives(“Our Mission, Vision, and Values,” 2019)



To provide the best experience to all patients and to foster teaching, learning and discovery, financial responsibility, as well as adaptability to change.


  Excellence and continuous improvement

  Integrity

  Compassion and respect for all

Responsiveness to society

  A diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment

  Collaboration


New York-Presbyterian Hospital




To offer caring, high quality, fiscally responsible healthcare services that meet the expectations and needsof the people (“Our Mission, Vision, and Values – NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital,” 2019) to be the model for community hospitals through service excellence, clinical quality, financial viability, and facilities and technology,


Respect, integrity, quality, and teamwork
Bassett Medical Center



To improve the health care of the rural community through excellence in the care field, educating medical staff, and health research (“Mission, Vision & Values:: Bassett Healthcare Network,” 2019)


To engage employees to foster innovation as well as  sustains program implementation
  • Relationships
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Service
  • Learning
  • Integration



For the three healthcare organization above its mission, statements contained certain similar elements. All are committed to offering high-quality care to the patients they serve.  That is always the objective of near hospitals, to improve the community well-being through quality service. Both Albany hospital and Basset medical center in their mission statement highlighted their committed to research and providing education.

The mission of all the three organization stresses their commitment to using technology to serving their customer. They also capture the need for quality and excellence within their services.

The core values for the three healthcare organizations are also similar in various aspects. All stress the importance of integrity/accountability, excellence, teamwork or integration or collaboration, compassion, and continuous improvement.

I am surprised to learn that the mission and vision statements, as well as a core value of all organizations, contained some key aspects that are similar and are in line with the global agenda of achieving optimum health by improving the well-being of the society.



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