Mission, Vision and HR Strtegies

Discussion Topic 1: Vision and Mission

Organization’ vision and mission play a significant role in facilitating the development of an HR management strategy. The organization’s vision statement indicates the long-term goals and inspirations of the organization (Rothwell, Stavros & Sullivan, 2016). Precisely, it motivates and inspires the workforce of the organization by providing a picture of the direction that company is heading. The vision statement creates a target for strategy development (Rothwell, Stavros & Sullivan, 2016). Therefore, managers use the vision statement to compare the strategic objectives and operational plan. Regarding the mission statement, it communicates the reasons for the existence of the organization, the identification, and serving of key stakeholders. An organization with distinct vision and mission allows the manager to set strategic objectives that are aligned with the long-term goals of the organization. Through the strategic objectives, managers can develop operational strategies, implement, monitor and evaluate them.

On the other hand, the lack of vision and mission has adverse effects on the HR business strategy. First, the lack of vision and mission has an adverse effect on the departmental emphasis. The vision and mission provide managers with guidance on how they should position their business in the future. For instance, if the organization’s vision is to capture a significant market share, then the HR will focus on hiring qualified marketing personnel. Therefore, if they lack that vision, the HR will recruit applicant without review of whether they should fill those vacancies. The human resource will seek applicants for obsolete positions. Second, lacking the vision and mission makes the organization fail to offer quality training to its personnel (Rothwell, Stavros & Sullivan, 2016). For instance, if the vision and mission of the organization are to provide customers with software that has fewer problems compared to competitors, failure to indicate this vision and mission could result in the HR to explain reasons for software problem and offer a discount to customers who had trouble.


Discussion Topic 2: HR Strategies

My brother works with Toyota Motor Corporation in the USA. The human resource strategy that the company uses is improving training for customer service personnel. The strategy is effective in this organization because they emphasize on employee development and training. The company wants its employees to develop skills and knowledge that would result in effective service delivery. Moreover, the human resource department of the company ensures that employees receive a timely training to achieve its “moving forward” vision. Through training, the company can deliver an outstanding customer service thus resulting in customer satisfaction, improved purchasing options, and customer loyalty (Machado & Melo, 2014).

A different human resource strategy would be more effective for this company. Since the company aims to expand and capture a significant market share, it would be ideal to use a strategy such as hiring more tech-savvy employees. Toyota Corporation deals with the manufacturing of vehicle; therefore, hiring more tech-savvy employees would improve the quality of the motor vehicles since they will come with new ideas and technology. According to Machado and Melo 92014), employees with knowledge of modern technology would reduce the costs the company would have incurred on hiring and training personnel for that particular department.



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