“Mixed Personalities” Song

The song “Mixed Personalities”, written by Nineteen-year-old rapper Jamell Maurice Demons he goes by his stage name YNW Melly. Kanye West, a singer who has numerous successful songs and albums hitting platinum and gold status features, in the song Mixed Personalities along with YNW Melly. Kanye and Melly both add their emotional thoughts and feelings into Mixed Personalities, while also adding their lyrical views inside Kanye and Melly’s subconsciousness. The song explains a common occurrence both artists have felt that being the disorder of Mixed Personalities, the disease makes an individual believe they have more than just one person or spirit living inside their conscious body. Through the music, they present an insight into the love life and how it is affected by the split personality.

In the second stanza, the author seems to be speaking about the issue that people go through when they are seeking for love. In the lines “Say you want someone that’ll love you” Melly is seemingly addressing the desires that everyone gets to when they are seeking for a romantic relationship. It merely means that everyone that comes into the relationship often has expectations that they bring in. They are looking for one that can love them in a way that they want. So when the people get into this relationship and they do not find what they expected they start quarrelling and arguing and feeling disappointed. But one thing that seems to come out is that relationships are just that way.

Besides, Melly explains the expectations that people have when getting into relationships. He says one needs “someone who could please you” “Someone who can kiss on and rub you” From this view that he presents he seems to argue that what people seek for in a relationship are the attention and the affection. That is the reason that people are looking for one to kiss, rub and please. It is through such approaches that people tend to feel appreciated and loved. At times love is not all about the words that people say such as I love. Rather, it boils down to the small things that often bring out the intimacy and attention. However, these things seem to miss in a relationship, and that is the reason that the Melly says “This girl, she got mixed personalities”. He seems to mean that he cannot understand the things that the girl is looking for. Therefore he seems to experience some frustration.

Perhaps Kelly seems to mean that some of the problems that men experience arise from the girls suffering from mixed personalities. In the lyrics, he says “She keep ignorin’ my calls and blockin’ me on everything.” In this case, the apparent problem that one can see here is the issue of communication. From Melly’s point of view, most of the ladies do not communicate effectively when problems arise in the relationship. In this case, the lady is not picking the calls and ignoring him without addressing the problem. Such attitudes often create even more significant issues in the relationship (Kojo). There is a need to accept that there is a problem and the best thing should not be to keep quiet and ignore people. The focus should be on talking and addressing the issue. However, this does not seem to be the case that Kelly is experiencing.

However, one thing that Melly seems to communicate is the resilience and the commitment that people should have for the persons they love. In this line he says, “That’s my boo, that’s my Slime, that’s my everything (everything), “That’s my bitch forever, don’t need no wedding ring (wedding ring)” In these lines, the clear evidence of the commitment to love a person seem to come out. He seems to communicate the idea that it should not mater the thing that one does to you. The people that you love might at time annoy, hurt and even frustrate an individual. However, amid the confusion and the bitterness, one of the things that should stand out is the commitment to love each other and be there for love (Kojo). In these words, Kelly seems to mean that the lady might hurt him, and even block him and ignore his call but she will remain the woman that he loves. It is hard to hold on to a person that does such a crazy thing, but that seems to be the true definition of love.

In conclusion, Kelly seems to communicate the idea that love and being in love with something might not just be a simple thing. At times people get into love thinking that it will only be such a sweet ride that they will enjoy. However, when people get there, it might change to a hurting experience. However, it is not that at all times people will be hurting. There are times for having fun and experiencing the love and thus making the moments memorable. The most important thing that is needed in a relationship is the commitment to loving each other and being ready to work things up even when they seem impossible. It is through such an approach that love thrives.



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