MKT113: Target Market Analysis: Fit Bites Pet Foods

MKT113: Target Market Analysis: Fit Bites Pet Foods

A new company dealing with pet food by the name “Fit Bites Pet Foods” is about to be launched. Fit Bites Pet Food is a business that will be manufacturing organic components, grain free and natural pet foods. The food will have an advantage in that there will be a money-back assurance to all clients. Fit Bites Pet Foods will provide numerous benefits to pets, which include the addition of minerals and vitamins to their food thus increasing the life span of the pets. The food manufactured by Fit Bites Pet Foods will go a step ahead and assist in healing skin aversions that affect most pets. The primary target market for Fit Bites Pet Foods includes psychographic, geographic and demographic where the company wishes to attain all the wants and requirements of the purchasers.

Fit Bites Pet Foods aims at using the young digerati as the primary target market for its products. The company will target the middle-aged women and men between 36-57 years whose annual household earnings are $800 to $130. Most of these individuals are well educated and have attained at least a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher learning (Cahalan et al. 2018). The company’s target market is a group in the community that is either self-employed or employed on a full-time basis. Most of the people in the company’s target market are married with at least two children and are homeowners who have mortgages and a minimum of two pets. Fit Bites Pet Foods aims to target every ethnic group even though the statistic website indicates that there are only 60% of whites who are non-Hispanic purchase food for their pets (Armstrong & Kotler, 2015). The company aims at targeting the middle and upper class for the psychographic. Most of these individuals enjoy outdoor activities which involve pets. They are compassionate about other people, family-oriented and live healthy lives. These individuals are profoundly concerned about pets since they are regarded as part of their families. The target market further includes high assessments and is proud of their homes and employment. Fit Bites Pet Foods wishes to begin selling its products in the USA in the cities that are regarded as most pet friendliest. These cities include San Francisco CA, Golden Gate Bridge, Austin TX, Guggenheim New York, and San Diego California.

The target market for Fit Bites Pet Foods has diverse needs and wants. Most of the individuals in the target market wish to see their pets living a life that is longer, happy and healthy. Consequently, they require pet food that is manufactured using organic components that are all-natural and grain-free. They need pet food that will make sure that pets get the desired nutrition. The target market for Fit Bites Pet Foods wishes to be confident in what they purchase. The money-back guarantee makes sure that the clients are assured of quality products. The target market also needs pet food that has minerals and vitamins and therefore, Fit Bites Pet Foods has included these components in the product thus ensuring that clients don’t purchase the food supplements separately.

The introduction of Fit Bites Pet Foods will provide clients with the long-needed solution for pet food as seen above. Even though the price of the product might be 8% higher than the average pet food, it is evident that all the needs and wants of the target market have been met. Additionally, the company has ensured that clients save money for buying supplements by including them in the pet food. Since the target market wishes to have pets which live a longer life, Fit Bites Pet Foods will be their only choice.



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