MMA fights

In MMA fights we expect amazing and exciting matchs among the fighters.

However, not all fights are exciting since others have disappointed and bored the fans. Some matches have ended through quick submissions while others have ended quickly through total knockouts (TKO). Throughout all MMA fights there is a list of the worst that has ever happened. This is the list:


1.Aliev Makhmud vs. Kiyoshi Tamura.


Having come from a wrestling background, Aliev Makhmud’s fight with Tamura was expected to be exciting and thrilling. This march was a strange one, Makhmud had high hopes for this march. He ended up with injuries in his groin into the knees of his opponents. No one seemed to care when he called off the match after 5 minutes. Makhund waved off the fight for the second time, and yet no one noticed him. He got a punch from his opponent, and after a sometime, he called on to of the fight to end that awkward situation.



These competitors were both making their MMA debut where they took a professional wrestle on New Year`s Eve. Gabby Garcia who is Brazilian and a Wanderlei Silva training partner was given a promotion as a grappling champion of the world. She and her former champions got trained for sex symbol for a couple of months. The beginning was tough for lady Tapa when he received a punch from her opponent. Accidentally Garcia got a punch from lady Tapa. Garcia fight back was violent when used belt over Tapa`s head, the referee noticed this and called off the march. It excited the fans though the lack of skills displayed was the significant fall down for this march.


Both fighters have come from a street fighting background the fans expected an exciting fight from the opponents. The fight looked like the planes were throwing punches aimlessly. The match lasted for two rounds. Kevin managed to make it an offensive move towards Dhafir. Dhafir collapsed due to exhaustion and Kevin declared the winner via TKO. Unfortunately, Dhafir was hospitalized for two weeks due to his heart nearly stopping.



The fight was not just boring it was the worst ever wrestle; this took place in Russia at Moscow. It was an exciting moment for Fedor since the match was a pass to the UFC after a fantastic performance. It was awe-inspiring that Fedor made it to the UFC. At the first round Fedor almost got knocked by his opponent but luck to him the refereeing favored him and got to recover. Indeed there was favoritism at the end when Fedor was awarded as the winner. It turned out that everyone agreed the fight felt like a draw but the winner announced was Fedor. The march was so biased, the referee was assigned by the MMA union of Russia that is headed by Fedor.   After which Maldonado filed an appeal, and they rejected the, but after looking at it keenly, that is the second appeal, they agreed that it was a draw.





The fight was between UFC veteran Mark Kerr and Hugo Duarte in 1998; it was a terrible fight. Duarte could not stop complaining, but the crowd ignored him because there was nothing much he was complaining about. The referee got bored at his complains at some points in the fight. Interestingly he got good plans to pound on Kerr who would jump out of the ring occasionally. Duarte could not hold it at one point and decided to play dead so that Kerr would believe that he is gone so that he goes away, his trick worked out for him, and that Is how Kerr won.



As much as it seemed exciting, it was a terrible fight. Melvin is known as the most scary fighter in MMA. The match was held at Bellator 155; his opponent was Rafael Carvalho. When the march began, both fighters looked cautious of each other and were mostly seen just moving around without any offensive attack from any of the opponents. The referee was seen to want the opponents to fight. The fans jeered, and the fight was full of fouls with Rafael committing four fouls which were a groin shot, late punch, eye poke, and another groin shot. The most disappointing thing is that Rafael was declared the winner who made the crowd shocked.


  1. Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites.-

Silva was creative in his striking but did little damage to his opponent since it was ineffective. Thales attempted to take down Silva over and over. The match grew boring before the first round ended. Silva’s fights mostly revolve around it being a hit or not; it is a two-way thing sometimes you get a thrilling march, and sometimes you get a march-like his and Thales Leites.


  1. Randy Couture vs. James Toney

Randy Couture is considered an MMA legend. In this fight, it took Randy just over three minutes to take Toney down with strikes and a sink in an arm triangle choke. The march ended so quickly.


  1. Dave Bautista vs. Vince Lucera.

Bautista who is a WWE champion and a Hollywood action star, he took a shot at MMA in 2012. Bautista finished Lucera via first-round total knock out though he looked uncoordinated on his feet since he was fighting against an opponent who had won just two pro bouts in the prior four years.


  1. Kalib Starnes vs. Nate Quarry.

The fight took place at UFC 83 and considered to be one of the worst matches of all time. During the battle, Starne seemed as if he was running away from Quarry since he was just seen circling and avoiding every contact with him. It caused Quarry to be frustrated, and he mocked Starnes many times. Quarry took the victory, and from that day Starnes has never been seen in any UFC fights.


  1. Royce Gracie vs. Akebono Taro.

This was one of the shortest fights in MMA since Gracie tapped out Akebono in only two minutes and thirteen seconds. This seemed like it diminished Gracie’s reputation.


  1. Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn.

This was a grudge match between the fighters which was performed in Detroit’s UFC 9. The event was not welcomed by uptight politicians who were looking for an easy win. It was decided that the fight will be conducted if specific rules were followed, one of the regulations was close-fisted strikes to the head under pain of arrest was banned. During the battle, Shamrock and Severn didn’t take any risks, and it was one of the worst fights since it was just 30 minutes of circling each other hence the match was given the name “The Detroit Dance.”



Dynamite!! 2008 organized fight between Sapp and a Cartoon character. This was a famous Japanese end of year show. Bob Sapp was a tough fighter in the days he had fought everybody in the time. The promoters had to find a decent fight with the cartoon character. This name cartoon character came after he wore an outfit of a cartoon character by the name Kinniku Mantaro. The fight was so funny and lively that impressed the fan so much. It was a no brainer that Sapp the fighter would emerge the winner of the march.



The epic finale was a tragic one in this march. For a fact, the fighter was almost to the classic trilogy. Their third fight did not please the fans at all; the opponents were tired of the round. Arlovski Sylvia went unresolved in this round without this the battle at some point would`ve been incredible.



Kim Couture faced Sheila Bird on this march, it was a horrifying one but worth to worth. Kim Couture is known to be the former wife of Couture Randy. Unfortunately, Couture was hit on the head, but so bad the referee did not even notice the action. It was a fantastic march for the fans, but it happened that Couture was alright.




People did not expect the march between Tim Sylvia vs., Brandon Vera to be announced because it could lead to a war. Vera could not hold up because Sylvia was holding him against the cage for a quarter hour. Fans never expected what happened and they felt that their expectation was not meet, this happened to Sylvia too, it could have been better even if the march never arrived.



The fight was, and you couldn’t imagine though it was horrible and it could have been viewed negatively if anything wrong could have happened. Kim Couture got unconscious, and the referee could not notice. Luckily, she was well though some of her brain cells died unexpectedly.



Anderson Silva is always known as the champion in UFC, but most people did not think it right because he was no. A time came when many this disliked him was because of the horrific fights he displayed. In his fight against Maia, he was seen hiding behind the referee and doing other unusual things throughout the twenty-five minutes of the battle.


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